The latest updates for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" reveal the official release date of the two newest DLC characters Fused Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. These two will join Bardock and Broly as part of the game's post-launch DLC fighters and their amazing skills and destructive power will be showcased against the main roster.

Game producer Tomoko Hiroki also explains the details of the new game mode updates for players to continue to enjoy "FighterZ." Video game fans are currently enjoying the Party Battle, wherein they will compete in a limited-time quest with other players. The game is currently available on the consoles and PC platforms and has become Bandai Namco's most popular fighting game this year.


Vegito and Fused Zamasu coming soon

According to Bandai Namco Entertainment, Zamasu and Vegito will be available in "Dragon Ball FighterZ's" roster on May 31 and video game fans can get them as a stand-alone purchase or in the game's season pass. Both characters made their appearance in "DB Super" anime series during the "Future Trunks" arc.

Fused Zamasu is the result of Potara fusion of Goku Black and the Zamasu from Trunk's timeline in order to become a powerful and divine being. To defeat them, Son Goku and Vegeta must fuse together to become Vegito, much to Vegeta's chagrin.

Vegito proved to be too much for Fused Zamasu, as he was able to topple him using their combined might and the Super Saiyan Blue form. The drawback, however, is that the fusion did not last long due to the SSJ Blue's immense power, which shorten's the time span for them to fuse together.

Ultimately, it was Trunks who defeated the evil apprentice gods by channeling the powers of Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Mai, and the rest of the survivors of his world. Combining it with his new form, Super Saiyan Rage, he was able to vanquish Zamasu and saved his world from annihilation.


So far, Bardock, Broly, Zamasu, and Vegito are the only DLC characters to be added to the roster as more from their batch will be coming to the game. Other characters include the base forms of Goku and Vegeta, Android 17, and Cooler. There is also a second DLC character pack for the game which will include Muten Roshi, Zarbon, Tapion, Gogeta, Raditz, Cabba, Videl with Great Saiyanman, and Kale with Caulifa.

Party Battle and 'FighterZ' Cup

Bandai Namco Entertainment added a new game mode for "FighterZ" called Pary Battles in their latest patch update.

Producer Tomoko Hiroki told GameSpot that the new game mode is a way to connect more players in the game with a singular goal. The number of players is linked across the world and they will cooperate with one another.

The Party Battle's first event will involve them facing the series' most iconic villain, Freeza. The Japanese game publisher also revealed the 'FighterZ' Cup and these events happen each month with players competing against each other for points on their Z-Union.