Around the end of 2017, Bandai Namco announced a new Fighting Game for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch based on the hit anime series, titled "My Hero Academia: One's Justice." The team behind this game is Byking, a Japanese arcade game developer. This company has primarily worked on arcade game in the past, with their "Gunslinger Stratos" series and their most recent title, "Magicians Dead." They have also developed two free-to-play PC games, "Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded" and "Rise of Incarnates," both of which failed and were shut down shortly after their respective releases. Will this new game face a similar fate? Perhaps the promotional video will be able to give us some hints.


Core gameplay

So based on what we can see in the video, this is a 3D fighting game featuring a respectable roster of the most prominent characters from "My Hero Academia." Each of the characters has a unique move-set that tries to stay true to what has been seen in the anime thus far. Deku can flick his fingers to release a burst of energy in a single direction, Momo Yaoyorozu can create exploding matryoshka dolls, and so on. These are portrayed through quick cutscenes triggered by certain conditions reminiscent of most modern fighting games.

Outside of those special attacks, characters are able to freely maneuver in the 3D environment. One moment even had the characters oriented on the side of a building, which is strange since neither of those characters should have spider powers.

Sidekick system

Another piece of gameplay featured heavily in the video is a system that allows you to call on additional characters to participate in the fight for a short period of time. This is quite similar to something like the assist moves from "Dragon Ball FighterZ." Although, we don't know if you can choose the assist characters like in that game, or if they are predetermined already.


A really cool moment in the P.V. was when Todoroki made a clone of Deku out of ice as a decoy. I don't remember that being in either the anime or manga, so I'd be very interested in seeing if there will be more original moves in the game.

Destructible stages

The ability to cause damage to the fighting arena was also mentioned quite prominently in the video, but we really can't see how it affects gameplay at all. We can see that certain attacks and launched characters can create visual effects when they collide with their surroundings, but we never see the permanent effect.

With the way that the video is edited, we can't tell if destroyed areas become impassable terrain, or if collapsing structures will crush players. We really have nothing to go on in that regard.

It's not a good sign to see a game being developed by a team that has seen only mediocre success with their past projects, and who has also never worked on games for the console market. But honestly, they have such great source material that they're working with. Even in the event that the game isn't very good, it should still get some name recognition sales at the very least.


What I'm hoping to see is more content like the Todoroki ice assist skill that gives players something beyond what the manga and anime have already given us.

The game is slated to release in 2018, so I'll be eagerly waiting in the meantime.