The latest updates for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" reveal the newest DLC character joining the game's growing roster is Fused Zamasu. Bandai Namco Entertainment confirmed on Twitter that Fused Zamasu will be added to the game after the images from the June issue of V-Jump Magazine were leaked online.The latter is also the third DLC character in their post-launch plans alongside Bardock and Broly. Other characters joining the season 1 DLC are based on Son Goku and Vegeta, Android 17, Vegito, and Cooler.


There is also a new trailer for "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" as "FighterZ's" main antagonist, Android 21, will join the large cast of the popular card game.

Who is Fused Zamasu?

Fused Zamasu made his debut in "Dragon Ball Super" anime series during the "Future Trunks" arc. He is the potara fusion form of Goku Black and that timeline's Zamasu in order to defeat Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks.

A very powerful opponent, Fused Zamasu is the prefect embodiment of what a god should be; divine and perfect. His immense power is so overwhelming that both Goku and Vegeta had a hard time beating him in their Super Saiyan Blue form.

Goku and Vegeta were able to combat Zamasu properly by fusing together into Vegito Blue, but it was not enough as the potara fusion's time limit was greatly decreased due to the SSJ Blue form. It was Trunks who had the strength to defeat Zamasu using his Super Saiyan Rage form and the energies from the people who believed in his power.


Fused Zamasu's move set in the game will be a combination of powerful projectile attacks, flight and eight-way dash similar to Magneto in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" game series. The latter will be part of Season 1's DLC line but Bandai Namco Entertainment did not reveal his release date.

In addition, the season 2 DLC character line-up has already been teased and it will consist of Tapion, Gogeta, Muten Roshi, Raditz, Zarbon, Videl with Great Saiyanman, Cabba, and Kale with Caulifa.

Android 21 debuts on 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes'

Android 21 makes her debut in the "Super DB Heroes" card game and her storyline will be similar to the "FighterZ" story mode.

The new trailer sees her observing Goku from afar as he encounters clone versions of Piccolo, Vegeta, and himself. Android 21 is the main villain in the game, who created the clones and resurrected Android 16.

The latter has a power similar to Majin Buu and can turn anyone into food to replenish her strenght. It took the combined power of Goku's allies and enemies to bring her down, and save the universe.