Recently, there have been a lot of rumors going around about Pokémon and their new generations. One of these rumors is the alleged Pokémon Generation 8 starter that popped up online a couple of days ago. However, since new Images of Pokémon starters and evolutions usually pop up after a year or two of the previous generation release, people are finding it so hard to conclude whether the rumors are true or not. Most of the information from this post comes from a report by Gamer Evolution.

The supposed images leaked for Pokémon Generation 8 were deleted from its original source.

One of the "Pokémon GO" fans, known as Skinnysnubbull, was able to get these images before they were deleted. He took to Twitter to share them with his Twitter followers and possibly Co-Pokémon fans, asking them how real or fake they were.

'Pokémon GO' fans reaction

According to the Tweet posted by Skinnysnubbull, the Cave Bear will evolve into a Grass/Electric type, Pony into Fire/Steel, and the Coral Water starter will retain its water type. He went further to ask if it could be Generation 7 leaks that are all over. Skinnysnubull also informed his co-fans that the thread where he got the information was suddenly deleted with the images.

Another "Pokémon GO" fan, Joe Merrick, also went on Twitter to share his opinion on the Gen 8 starter leak rumors.

According to Joe, the Japanese in the framed artworks looks suspicious and even the grammar had errors. He further expressed his thought that the water starter which was included in the image won't sell and Niantic definitely can’t go with that.

Are the images real or fake?

The Pokémon community is not certain whether the images are real or fake, so they are being very careful to draw a conclusion.

After all, it was in 2016, with the leaks before "Sun and Moon," where similar pictures were posted online revealing the final evolutions of Popplio, Litten, and Rowlett. They were believed to be fake but were finally confirmed to be real. Therefore, many "Pokémon GO" fans are looking forward to seeing what will become of the rumor.

Recently, Joe Merrick tweeted that the artist who leaked the images has confessed they are not real. Isla, one of Joe’s Twitter followers, replied that she knew from the onset that the images were fake because there was no way Pokémon or anyone in the Pokémon company would be allowed to frame and hang up artworks from new generations. Anyway, every new Pokémon generation comes with a drama. So, the entire Pokémon community is waiting for an official response from Niantic.