Since 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' was introduced, the excitement for it has never been less, despite the fact that there have been numerous other Dragon Ball games before it. This game has been enjoyed by both casuals and hardcore in fighting games and is presently one of the best. As a 2D fighter developed to focus on 3v3 battles, it has captured the imagination of everyone and many are waiting to see their next challenge. It has been ages since a fighting game caused as much excitement [VIDEO] as 'Dragon Ball FighterZ.'

FighterZ has gained popularity

The 'Super DragonZ' and 'Studio of Street Fighter II' were both Dragon Ball games, but neither of them were able to capture the interest of the casual crowd.

The truth still remains that they weren’t as competitive as Dragon Ball FighterZ. Up till now, it still remains the first fighter developed with the competitive crowd in mind. This game has caused intense excitement in the Fighting Game Community, such that many new players are set to join the community. FGC has made it clear that they are determined to keep these newbies around with its numerous beginners’ guides and videos.

It is believed that DBFZ ability to cause such intense state of excitement in its players is because of the prestige associated with its developer. Kudos to Arc System Works! Considering Arc System Work’s glowing track records, it seems they are just perfect when it comes to translating Dragon Ball’s over the top action into a competitive fighter. This fever pitch for 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' extends across even the sub-groups within the wide Fighting Game Community.

According to Veteran Commentator Ryan, a vast majority of FGC is massive on Dragon Ball.

This Spirit bomb fighter has the potential of uniting the FGC

Besides raising the spirit of the Fighting Game Community, Dragon FighterZ will possibly bring the entire team of this community together. According to Top Anime Player Derek, DBFZ has connected him to a lot of people in the community, who he likely wouldn’t have made friends with otherwise. This shows that the game has the tendency to bring together, players across the various niches within the community. Very soon, the Fighting Group Community will not only grow to be larger, it will also be interconnected. In order to keep the fire burning, FighterZ will definitely need continued support from both its developer and grassroots community. Its willingness to nurture the new players will also count.