2018 is just around the corner and with it many new and exciting games. The most anticipated titles will be arriving in January. If you haven't decided to get a PS4 or PS4 Pro, now would be the time to get one. Those chosen for this list are the best exclusive and cross-platform games. The release dates for these are already locked in. You will be able to know ahead of time which ones to pre-order. There is a mixture of blockbuster titles and games made on a smaller scale. There is something on this list for everyone.

January releases

One of the most anticipated PS4 games slated to be released January 26, 2018, is "Dragon Ball FighterZ" fans everywhere have been talking about this release all year long.

We have seen clips and announcements for characters that will be added to the roster. A little over a month from now we will finally be able to play it ourselves. What makes this "DBZ" game different from the others is that there will be a 3v3 team fighter system. There are more references to the anime and manga in the attack animation as well. Not to mention the art style is gorgeous. This may be the best "DBZ" game yet.

The next game slated for January is going to be released on the same day as "Dragon Ball Fighter Z". That will be "Monster Hunter: World". If you are a fan of both series you may want to save your cash now so you can get both on the same day. "Monster Hunter" is another long-running series like "DBZ". But this release will have some new twists such as dinosaurs, dragons, new weapons, and a new grappling hook.

February releases

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" is set to be released February 13, 2018. If you liked "Skyrim" you will like this game. The only difference is that "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" will be historically accurate. The game will be a large-scale, open world, medieval RPG. The game is centered around the real-world history of Bohemia. Quests and world events will carry on without you. Meaning that your actions do matter. If you stop and chit chat for too long in the game you may miss out on a quest.

The next February release is "Metal Gear: Survive," is a third-person multiplayer survival game set in an alternate dimension. Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima has nothing to do with this release. The release date is February 20. "Moss" is the next game slated for a February release. Unlike the other games, this is a PS4 exclusive. Another thing that sets this title apart is that it is a VR game. The story follows, Quill, a mouse who must travel through ancient ruins and dense woodlands to save her uncle.