The latest updates for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" reveal that Bandai Namco Entertainment streamed a new Story Mode trailer showcasing the full cast, gameplay mechanics, and the main plot. The trailer also teased Android 21's true allegiance and purpose in the game, as Son Goku and rest of the Z Warriors must stop the latter from unleashing her diabolical plans for the world.

There is also a leaked photo revealing the true purpose of collecting all seven Dragon Balls in the game.

New story trailer

In "Dragon Ball FighterZ's" Story Mode, players can choose to play as Son Goku, Frieza, or Android 18, and explore their arcs in the world map.


The map will allow them to choose different routes and fight other characters to progress through the story.

The plot of the story will feature an army of clones invading earth. Goku, Frieza, and Android 18 must find a way to stop the invasion and defeat the mastermind behind it. The trailer also revealed that the game's original character, Android 21, used the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Android 16 as part of her evil schemes.

Android 21 is responsible for creating the clone army using her connections and technology from the Red Ribbon Army.

The Z Warriors and villains must work together to thwart her plans and save the whole universe.

Story Mode will also allow players to hold conversions and bonds with other characters, and do side-missions with them. Anime and video game fans will have a chance to play as their favorite character such Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Nappa, Ginyu, Cell, Majin Buu, Yamcha, and more.

The game's "Ultimate Edition" will also feature eight additional characters, and the fans are hoping that these fighters are from the OVA films and "Super" TV series.


Collecting the Dragon Balls

Twitter username "HiFight" posted a GIF photo revealing the true purpose of collecting all seven mystical Dragon Balls during the match. Players can summon the dragon, Shenron, and they are given four options: "Full HP," "Revive teammate," "Give Ultimate Power," and "Immortality."

Each option can change the conditions of the battle and the opposing team will have a hard time beating them. Game Producer Tomoko Hiroki told Shoryuken in a previous interview that the new gameplay mechanic will be unique within "FighterZ," and it will represent a new evolution in the fighting game genre.

Bandai Namco will likely reveal more details about the Dragon Balls in the game soon. "Dragon Ball FighterZ" will launch on Jan. 28, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.