Most gamers are still reportedly in awe as NetherRealm Studios blindsided everyone with their latest DLC reveal for “Injustice 2.” Their announcement was made during the ELEAGUE tournament finale for the aforementioned game. DC characters Enchantress and Atom were shown in the trailer and drew tame reactions from the crowd. What followed after was a Sai thrown in between the two fighters. At this point, most of the people crowd started to whisper that the third DLC fighter would be Mileena based on the weapon. However, a figure wearing a trench coat appears and suddenly reveals all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which caused an uproar among the attendees and commentators alike.

It should be noted that a Redditor named DasVergeben reportedly posted leaks prior to the event, which included information about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being included as DLC fighters. Gamers are in for a whole lot more as the same user continues to share more details regarding several other games and their upcoming DLC content.

‘Street Fighter V’

CAPCOM has already officially announced their plans for “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” and several of its new game modes and features. On the other hand, no information has been shared regarding upcoming fighters for its Season 3 DLC roster. Surprisingly, the leaked data supposedly confirms the return of fan-favorites Sagat, Cody, Sodom, Sakura, an unnamed Shadaloo Doll, and supposedly Roxy. The last two are obviously newcomers and complete the set of six new fighters.

Meanwhile, the leak also hints that more characters like Oro, Crimson Viper, Q, and Necro will be added for free.

‘Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite’

The recently released brawler was also included in the leaks and features a bunch of new fighters, which are presumably going to be released in packs just like “Street Fighter V.” The list might appear to favor the CAPCOM side but it might be intentional to balance out the larger number of Marvel characters revealed. Those listed are Regina, Deis, Akuma, Lady, Gill, Captain Commando, Rashid, Vergil, Nina, Gene, Asura, Star-Lord, Wolverine, Cyclops, Deadpool, Storm, Doctor Doom, Daredevil, Miss Marvel, Green Goblin, Psylocke, and Magneto. A new 2v2 team mode was also mentioned and the possible inclusion of Ultron-Sigma.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Bandai Namco’s new fighter co-developed with Arc System Works was listed to receive new DLC characters after its release next year. These are base form Goku, base form Vegeta, Broly, Goku Black, Raditz, and Bardock.

Furthermore, it seems that the game might be headed to the Nintendo Switch [VIDEO].

‘Soul Calibur VI’

A new installment for the famed “Soul Calibur” series is slated to be revealed during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event this December. Strangely, the new fighting game is supposedly going to launch for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch only. Link is likewise rumored to make his return as a console-exclusive fighter for the Switch version.

The remaining new titles

The last three games included in the leaks are not in the fighting game category. The first one is rumored to be a new installment of CAPCOM’s “Devil May Cry” franchise, which also teases the return of Nero [VIDEO] along with Dante and Vergil. Another one for the same publisher is a remake of “Resident Evil 2.” The final game listed is an untitled “Pokemon” game for the Nintendo Switch. All of these have not been confirmed by their respective developers and should be treated as speculation until otherwise supported by an official announcement.