Overwatch is one of the massively played first-person shooter titles in the gaming world today. The game has a wide variety of heroes equipped with different personalities, powers, and abilities. The popularity of the game has reached across the globe and has made an impact in the lives of some players. In fact, some fans used the game as an inspiration to make maps, themes, and videos. One fan in Korea has made a cute trailer of Blizzard’s first-person shooter title where D.Va was turned into an anime.

New anime trailer

On YouTube [VIDEO], a user named Glayer uploaded a video showcasing D.Va of “Overwatch” along with another popular anime “Himouto! Umara-chan.” The YouTuber appears to be a fan of both characters and the video would surely make D.Va’s fan base happy.

The trailer runs for about a minute and 30 seconds with a catchy and energetic audio. The background song appears to be the opening of the anime.

According to the YouTube user, the trailer has taken him almost a year to finish. The animation of looks fantastic but it has a strong resemblance with the opening video of the original anime “Himouto! Umaru-chan.” The video has received positive feedback from fans of Blizzard’s first-person shooter title and the anime.

Heroes of Warfare

Meanwhile, Blizzard and Chinese distributor NetEase filed a lawsuit in China [VIDEO] against the developer 4399 EN GAME. The developer is responsible for the mobile game called "Heroes of Warfare." The suit claims that the title is a direct copyright infringement of the hit first-person shooter title from Blizzard.

This is not the first time that titles are accused of copying the game. “Paladins: Heroes of the Realm” was also accused of the obvious similarities with the Blizzard's FPS title. However, Paladins is definitely an entirely different game.

Blizzard is also asking 44399 EN GAME to pay for the damages and offer an apology. the game developer has also requested Apple and Android App stores to take down the "Heroes of Warfare" from their list of games.

Undeniable similarities

If you take a look at "Heroes of Warfare," there are several aspects that are strikingly similar to Blizzard's first-person shooter title. This includes the characters and their abilities as well as their weapons. You can also see that the maps that the China clone is using are a total rip-off from Blizzard's "Overwatch." One female character in the Chinese mobile game looks like Genji. However, the character is the hero's female version.