Bandai Namco has teamed up with a Japanese developer, Shift, to create "Code Vein." The developers have created an anime-style game that reminds many people of "dark souls." "Code Vein" is scheduled for release in 2018 for the Xbox One, including enhancements for the Xbox One X. There are five big things to know about this action RPG before it releases next year.

The main character

"Code Vein" takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Any humans left have become vampires that are hunted by the monsters that took over the earth.


The vampires have been trained to use swords and supernatural abilities to take down the monsters. You play as one of the vampires, where you build your skills to fight against the monsters.

If you like 'Dark Souls,' you're in luck

"Dark Souls" fans should feel right at home with this game. Given that Bandai Namco has worked on "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne," many are calling "Code Vein" an anime version of "Dark Souls." While the series are different, it's clear that "Code Vein" is heavily influenced by the games released before it.

From combat flow to level design, the games are strikingly similar. The gameplay is similar to previous games. Players are rewarded for dodging and precision, as well as combo moves. The punishing traits are present as well, stacking against the player. Despite its different style, "Code Vein" will not be easy. It will be a hard game that challenges players through death, persistence, and trial and error.

It's more than an anime version of 'Dark Souls'

It's true that "Code Vein" tries to keep some aspects from "Dark Souls," but the game itself is unique.


The setting is in a future, post-apocalyptic world as opposed to the past. The gameplay is centered around blood being a resource. The characters' supernatural abilities are only available after securing the bodies of enemies. The abilities, called Blood Codes, give limited-use and passive abilities to the vampires.

Players are also given the chance to have a companion instead of being a lone fighter like in games before. The sidekicks are very important to the story and help built emotional growth. When you talk to other characters, whether your companion or other survivors, your decision alters the story.

Character customization

While there are options to customize your character through class building and developing supernatural abilities, there are also physical customization options. Players will be able to choose the main character's gender, body type, and facial features as well as clothing. Since it's got an anime-style, there's a lot of options for styling and colors.

Xbox One X enhancement

"Code Vein" is among the titles that will be released for the upcoming console, the Xbox One X. Nothing specific has been said yet, but the developers will be offering different upgrades for the game in order to take advantage of the console's additional resources.


It wouldn't be surprising to see the game strive for 4K quality, but everything is still a mystery for now.