After a week off, "Dragon Ball Super" is back with a double episode and promises to deliver a solid one hour of action. Entitled “The Strongest Enemy Bears Down on Goku! Now’s the Time to Fire! A Surefire Genki-Dama!!," Episode 109 begins with Goku going up against Brianne de Chateau from Universe 2. It is a fight which has been alluded to for the last few episodes, but this is the first time the anime has actually focused on their confrontation.

Power of love

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there is a slight disconnect in the way "Dragon Ball Super's" characters react to the appearance of Brianne's stronger form.


This opening fight is filled with explosions and jokes, as the anime continues to use Brianne to parody the magic-girl genre. Goku gets the upper hand, which leads to the female warrior retreating.

The main event

Jiren vs Goku is the fight audiences have been waiting for, and Episode 109 does not waste too much time before getting to it. After Brianne is blown away, she lands next to Jiren, resulting in Goku and the Universe 11 warrior finally facing off.

Toei really did a great job of building up the tension, with the crowd reacting in awe to every move made by Jiren.

The animation is smooth and serves the exhilarating action well, allowing for some pretty fast-paced scenes.

It is kind of funny to see Goku go from one transformation to the next, desperately trying to get Jiren to actually take this fight seriously. After even Super Saiyan God fails, Goku transforms into his blue form to try and force his opponent to make a move.

There are still a lot of fighters left in the tournament, and this is only the first half of the special, but "Dragon Ball Super" managed to make this confrontation feel like the finale.


The rest of the combatants stopped fighting, preferring to stand and watch. Once the fight really gets going, it leads to arguably one of the best fights in "Dragon Ball" history. It is really a lot of fun to watch.

The first half of the special made for a great half hour of television, offering exactly what fans of the series would be expecting. It ends with a great final sequence, as Goku asks the rest of the team to lend their energy for a spirit bomb. Surprisingly, even Frieza ends up taking part, making for a pretty funny scene.

Jiren does not back down either, demanding that the Saiyan give him his best shot.

Obviously, it proves to be no match for Universe 11's warrior, as he deflects it back to Goku. A great way to end the first half of the two-episode special.