Aside from the gameplay concept similar to “Marvel vs. Capcom” video game, Dragon Ball FighterZ” will also offer a story mode when the game is released early next year. In a recent interview, veteran voice actor Christopher Sabat let slip some details about the game’s story mode.

As Sabat revealed, the story mode will start from where the “Dragon Ball FighterZ” teaser trailer, which was released last month, took off – the Z-Fighters falling unconscious. The objective of the story mode is to battle and defeat the mysterious clone army that looks like Goku. Speaking of mystery, let's get to know the newest addition to "Dragon Ball" universe, Android 21.


Army of Goku clones

According to gaming website Shoryuken, the story mode of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is divided into three scenarios. The first scenario has something to do with Goku and the Z-Warriors. The second scenario will give players control over Freeza.

The third and final scenario tells the “hidden memories” of Android 18. Along with getting to know her background, the third scenario is believed to cover the story of androids 17 and 18 and Dr. Gero. This is also where the battle against Android 21 and her mysterious army of Goku clones will take place.

Who is Android 21?

The upcoming “Dragon Ball FighterZ” video game brings a brand new character which we only knew as Android 21. How she came into the “Dragon Ball” universe remains a mystery, although there are a couple of theories about her origin which has surfaced recently. By the way, American voice actress Jeannie Tirado will lend her voice to Android 21.

In an interview with Game Informer, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” producer Tomoko Hiroki revealed that Android 21’s profession is a scientist of the Red Ribbon Army where the logo is quite visible on her lab coat.


Therefore, it is safe to assume that she is indeed connected with the androids, though her position and/or rank is still a mystery.

In the introductory teaser trailer, Android 21 stated that “she was a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon Army” which could be interpreted that she is no longer connected with the paramilitary android organization. And she seems to have a friendly face, going as far as wanting to help Android 18 and giving her a heads-up about “the effects of the wave.”

However, the story teaser trailer that was released a couple of days before the introductory teaser for Android 21 suggested otherwise.

In this video, it shows a not so friendly side of Android 21; way too different compared to the compassionate and caring researcher who will tend to Android 18’s injury.

Powerful cyborg

Hiroki revealed a very interesting story that could relate to this scenario – Android 21 has ties to Dr. Gero, the inventor of the androids. The game producer teased that she could even be smarter than Dr. Gero himself. Talk about the mysterious army of Goku clones.

Yet, Android 21 seems to have a close connection with Android 16.


The multiple scenes they have been seen together in the story mode teaser trailer is proof enough of this claim. But their exact relationship remains a mystery. Is Android 21 the same as Android 16 – a complete cyborg? We'll find out soon when “Dragon Ball FighterZ” arrives in January.