A good thing about Digital Extremes' "Warframe" is the constant flow of updates. A perfect example is a recent update that introduced the Arca armor set. The new battle suit alongside some badass-looking weaponry is something to look forward to as it is said to pack some serious power.


Fresh from the Hydroid Prime update, "Warframe" was tweaked yet again as the Arca Bundle has just been released. The new set is composed of a couple of ranged weapons, a melee, and the Arca Armor.


In line with this, game pundits took notice of the new frame as it has a striking resemblance to the bio-machines of "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

The Arca Warframe is a Corpus-inspired armor consisting of a pair of shoulder guards, a chest guard, and a pair of knee guards. These new set can only be bought using platinum as they can be bought at 100 platinum on their own or as part of the bundle.

Electrifying melee

As for the Arca weaponry, the Arca Titron is a massive sledgehammer-like melee weapon.

Per the description, the weapon spits out powerful electron charges with every slam attack being made. However, players need to get consecutive kills for these charges to build up.

The weapon can either be bought at 180 platinum or players can just buy its blueprint and collect its components. Parts are not that difficult to obtain, though players will have to exert extra effort with Argon Crystals that can be found in the Void. However, this rare resource has a decay time, and players need not waste time once this is acquired.


Radioactive shells

For its ranged weapons, the Arca Plasmor is a bulky shotgun type of weapon that can stagger nearby opponents. Enemies who survived its blast may not be that lucky as its shrapnel is said to be radioactive. The weapon can be bought at 190 platinum or players can have it researched through their respective clan dojo.

A smart gun

Deemed as a secondary weapon, the Arca Scisco is a handgun that packs quite a firepower. Alongside its scope is a feature that can analyze enemies and hit them where maximum damage can be dealt.

The pistol is the most expensive of the three weapons at 200 platinum, and just like the Plasmor, its blueprint can be researched at the clan dojo.

These weapons are already preloaded with Orokin Catalysts that doubles its mod capacity. Weapon slots will also be available provided that these weapons were bought within the game's market.

Check out a video about the game here: