As time goes on, more trailers and announcements are released here and there. The previous characters that were revealed were Piccolo and Krilin, along with Android 18 and 16. Now, Bandai Namco recently announced three new characters that will be joining the fighter roster. These three are the following: Tien (Tenshinhan), Yamcha, and Android 21. Two known characters are returning to this upcoming game "Dragon Ball FighterZ" while one new character makes her entrance.

Three new trailers were released that detailed the said characters during the Tokyo Game Show 2017 event in Japan. Thanks to these, details on how they fight and how they look in the game are shown slightly.


Android 21 trailer

First, let's focus on Android 21's trailer. The trailer can be viewed below via Bandai Namco Entertainment America on YouTube:

The cut-scene that showed Android 18 unconscious on the ground made her shine. She appeared to be a scientist or doctor that hinted at Krilin with her wide knowledge on Androids, including herself. She appears to have a brownish-red hair that is long and wears a lab coat with an insignia on her left shoulder. She sports a sharp look with her glasses.

Tien and Yamcha's trailers

These two trailers for Yamcha and Tien were released during the Tokyo Game Show 2017 as well. The two trailers above teased their in-game skills and special skills and abruptly ended right away with the game's logo. Well, that is Bandai for you. However, more details will be shown soon as time passes by. Tien sports his traditional clothes with his third eye along with Yamcha, well-known for his "X" mark on his cheek and his long, black hair. Most of the characters skills above show close-combat techniques.


Online system with competitiveness

Going back to the communication mode and online modes that were previously announced, the gaming system is carefully planned by the creator and developers. The reason behind this is to provide an equally balanced and user-friendly atmosphere to the players around the world. In addition, the online system makes it a haven for competitive players, honing their skills and discovering the full potential of the game.

Hopefully, there are no toxic players. And if there are, action must be taken to punish and isolate these people.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released February next year worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. More details will follow soon.