"Dragonball Xenoverse 2" is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. The hype is making its momentum upward as the launch date is getting nearer and nearer. And as a bonus for fans, there are new features that will surely be enjoyed using the Switch's Joy-Cons.

A video trailer was released on August 30 that featured the overview of the "Dragonball Xenoverse 2" Switch port. The new features took advantage of the things that can be found on the Nintendo Switch.


There is a TV mode in which the player can use the Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch Pro to play on a television. You can customize your characters and play with your favorite "Dragon Ball" characters to defeat an enemy.

There are a lot of races featured, including the Majin race, Saiyan race, Namekian race, and Frieza's race. All the visual representations of the characters including the hair color can be changed.

Handheld mode

Remember all the times you play Pokemon battles with your friend in front of you? The head to head 1v1 battles is the core of this mode. You can directly fight with your friend in a tournament-like setting where the first to be dropped off the stage is the loser.

Tabletop mode

This mode really takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. If you only have one Switch, you can share the other Joy-Con controller with your friend. The two of you can battle each other through the one-on-one option in a single Switch screen.

This mode is for people who want to share the experience with their friends.

There are some comfort issues, of course. You'll fatigue your hands using the single controller because of its smaller grasp.

Local play

This mode enables six players to play alongside each other and fight against a very powerful enemy. Just think of the Pokemon Legendary Raids that are available right now in "Pokemon Go! [VIDEO]." In the trailer video, an Oozaru was featured as the enemy. It looks fun because you can have more friends to enjoy a game.

3-on-3 online matchmaking

If you want to meet new friends, there is a feature called 3v3 online matchmaking. Fight with your friends against strangers online. Or you can meet new friends while enjoying the game.

Ultimate attacks using hand gestures

The most exciting addition is the ability to launch ultimate attacks using hand gestures. Kamehameha your enemy or melt them with a Final Flash to make the fights more exciting. You can also activate Kaioken with hand gestures.

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" will be available on September 7 in Japan and on September 22 in the west.