More details on the much-awaited “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2DLC Pack 5 are available now. With the launch of the game on the hybrid console Nintendo Switch, Bandai Namco Entertainment is sticking true to its previous promise of providing more information about the next downloadable content of the game.

A few days ago, the Japanese game publisher confirmed the playable characters that will be introduced in the game with the fifth pack. Today, fans are given a sneak peek on what these fighters can do in the fighting title with the playable characters’ latest images.

These images show the techniques and attacks that will be equipped to the characters when they are rolled out in the game.

New images

On YouTube, content creator Anime Games Online uploaded [VIDEO]the latest launch trailer of “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” for Nintendo Switch.


At the last part of the video, new images are showing the new playable characters included in the upcoming expansion pack. Some of the images were previously included in the Bandai Namco Entertainment’s announcement of the DLC Pack 5.


In the images, fans will see the king of the Demon Realm, Dabura firing an attack against his opponent. The villain is shown using his Evil Impulse technique against an opponent. This technique is depicted by a massive sphere of dark energy fired from one hand.

There are also images showing Gohan-Absorbed Buu. In the latest issue of the V-Jump magazine, it is revealed that Super Buu will have the moves of Gohan and Gotenks. In the new images, the villain is shown using his powerful attacks. This includes Kamehameha and what appears like an Antenna Beam technique.

Another notable Super Buu technique shown in the latest images is the Super Ghost Buu Attack.


In this technique, the villain utilizes Gotenks’ Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, doing the same moves. However, in this attack, the ghosts replicate Super Buu and not Gotenks. Interestingly, the ghosts produced by Super Buu in this attack can make the Kamehameha and Masenko attacks, technique, Gotenks cannot do.

Other details

The DLC Pack 5 is now confirmed to be available on all platforms of the fighting game. Players using the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam will be able to avail and enjoy the contents of the upcoming expansion. Bandai Namco has not yet provided details about the release date of the much-awaited DLC pack.

Meanwhile, you can check out the latest launch trailer of “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” on the Nintendo Switch. At 4:04 mark, you can see all the new images of the upcoming playable characters.