With two weeks of waiting, "Dragon Ball Super" fans are now ready to see what will be happening next on the anime. Will the next episode show Vegeta's demise? Will Frost be successful in eliminating Master Roshi? There are so many questions that surround Mafuba and the Mafuba Jar. How will Frost control the Mafuba Wave? And what will happen to Vegeta? Will he be sucked inside the Mafuba Jar?

Frost and Champa

The thing about Frost is that, like the businessman he is, he would only enter arrangements that will benefit him in the future.


And the thing about Champa is that he will do anything he can for the universe 6 to survive. The official Twitter account of "Dragon Ball Super" has shown images as a sneak peek for the next episode. One of the pictures revealed is how Champa recruited Frost to join the Universe 6 Tournament of Power representatives.

The second photo shows Frost kneeling in front of Champa and Vados.

Frost got his reputation ruined after his true identity was revealed. He is a space pirate that buys destroyed planets and sells them for higher prices. If there is no Tournament of Power announced, Champa might have punished the Universe 6 ice-jin. But because Frost is a capable warrior, and also a cunning one, he would promise anything to convince Frost.

Frost's mission is getting clearer and clearer every episode. In exchange for his freedom, pardon from Champa and Vados, and financial support to continue his business, he will need to eliminate Universe 7 warriors as much as he can.


Champa has all the logical reasons to make this move. He saw what the Saiyans from Universe 7 could do after the Universe 6 and Universe 7 tournament. The fewer the number of Universe 7, the more chances Universe 6 will have to win the tournament of power.

Frost and Frieza

To eliminate as many Universe 7 members as he can, Frost would need to come up with effective tactics that could catch Universe 7 members off-guard. The first time he made a move is when he perfectly swept Krillin outside the arena.

He will also be using Master Roshi as a hostage to house his perfect trap. He could easily defeat some warriors in the Tournament of Power, but Frost only attacks Universe 7.

And Frieza is with him in his mission, helping his fellow ice-jin to take revenge against Universe 7 warriors. The next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" will reveal Frieza and Frost's team up. But is this really a team up? Frost might betray Frieza or vice versa in the end. We might see the two ice-jins eliminating Universe 7 throughout the rest of the tournament.


At the last moment, Universe 6 might "adopt" Frieza or he will be betrayed by Frost. But for now, Frost needs help in eliminating Universe 7 warriors. Until the final moments, he will feed on Frieza's revengeful nature and use it to his own advantage.