Dragon Ball FighterZ” is the most awaited game for the Dragon Ball franchise next year. The developers will be adding a new story related to the android to keep the hype alive, and “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is planning to capitalize the “Dragon Ball Z”s most famous arc of all: The Android Saga. Fans will be able to relive the moments of the anime in all its 2D glory. Apart from the usual story mode, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” fans will be treated to another new plot.

New story for Android Saga

Tokyo Game Show gave a sneak peek at the new story added in the Android Saga.


In the video teaser, a hoard of androids can be seen attacking every city. It was not the usual androids; however, the machines destroying the cities are replicas of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Krillin. They are walking in the city like a group of mindless zombies. These clones are expected to have the same techniques such as the Kamehameha and the Destructo Disc. It looks like they are supposed to be early prototypes of Cell Jr because of the seemingly similar technology. The bad news about these clones is that, at the end of the teaser, even the original characters such as Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Goku were knocked out cold.

Old and new characters

The new game will introduce an "original Android" made by Bandai Namco. Android 21 is the new machine created by Dr. Gero’s computer. She was seen controlling the clones of the Z Warriors. She also revived Android 16 which was killed by Cell in the Cell Games. Though there is no way to know if Android 16 will still be an ally, it looks like there is no way he would team up with the Z fighters. It is also assumed that Android 21 created the whole army of the Z Warriors clone.


Akira Toriyama was asked by the “Dragon Ball FighterZ” creators to design Android 21. She appeared as a female with orange hair and wears glasses. It is possible that Android 21 is not geared up for battles like Android 17 and 18. She may be designed like a highly intelligent android that can create advanced androids, quite similar to Bulma’s character.

Will Android 21 become canon?

It would be nice if they can make Android 21 a canon character. She could appear after the Tournament of Power in "Dragon ball Super." She is a new concept, an android who can create another android.

She could be a powerful new villain in the next arc of the current anime. If Frieza got her moment in the Tournament of Power, maybe Cell would want to make a comeback too.