Many gamers are looking forward to the release of "Dragon Ball FighterZ" as others already had a taste of the game via a closed beta hosted by Bandai Namco. There is good news for fans of "Dragon Ball" as a live stream revealing more details about the game will be released soon.

The game development team at Arc System Works recently announced that they will be hosting a special live panel for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" during the kickoff of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS). The stream will be live on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 3:00 AM EDT on Bandai Namco's Japanese YouTube channel.


What's featured in the live stream

The team did not reveal what they will be streaming on Saturday, but Comicbook reported that they will feature the voice actor of Android 16, Hikaru Midorikawa. This indicates that Dr. Gero's creation will have a big role in the game's storyline.

There is also a possibility that more details about the game's story mode will be disclosed. Although it is already obvious that it would be based on the anime series, a particular arc wasn't revealed yet. But with Midorikawa's appearance, it seems to confirm that it will be based on an original story arc when Android 16 is revived to fight with Goku and the rest of the Z-fighters.

Additional characters

It was recently revealed that Yamcha, Tien and new character Android 21, who was unveiled in the most recent issue of V-Jump magazine, will be part of "Dragon Ball FighterZ." Yamcha is a talented martial artist and his skills allow him to fight along with the Z fighters. He was once an enemy of Goku but later on, he became an ally. He is also the former boyfriend of Bulma.

Meanwhile, Tienshinhan is a descendant of the Three-Eyed People and is also a devoted martial artist.


He also fights along with the Z fighters using his special abilities to grow arms from his back and to split into four people.

Android 21, who is an intelligent cyborg, will also be part of the game. But as she is new, she doesn't have any fighting statistics yet. Android 21 is positively received by fans of "Dragon Ball" who are comparing her to Android 18. In fact, many artists did their version of the new cyborg, appreciating her beauty.

It is possible that fans will learn more about Android 21 in the TGS live stream.

It is not yet confirmed if Android 21 will also be a playable character like Yamcha and Tien. But many are hoping that they can test the skills of the new android in "Dragon Ball FighterZ."