Game company Koei Tecmo has recently announced that “Attack On Titan 2” will be coming to the West, and it will also be launched on four platforms. They also revealed that the video game will have better gameplay compared to the first one.

The same video game company revealed that "NiOh" will soon get its final DLC called Bloodshed's End on the PlayStation 4. It will introduce a lot of new content for players to try out. A new trailer video for the final DLC was also revealed together with the announcement with a promise from the game developers that it will be enjoyable.


Coming to the West and coming to four platforms

The popular game publisher Koei Tecmo confirmed that the sequel for "Attack on Titan" will be coming to Western Countries. "Attack on Titan 2" is based on the popular Japanese anime and manga with the same title.

In a surprising twist, the sequel will be released on four major gaming platforms. These platforms are the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC. It was also expected that the PlayStation Vita version will not be coming to the West, and it will stay as an exclusive to Japan.

More improved features

The game sequel will have improved omni-directional mobility gear gameplay this time around. Players will be able to target Titans with better precision and freedom of movement. To compensate, the giants will also have improved moves.

Advanced RPG features will be added as well in “Attack on Titan 2.” The interaction between characters will be deeper this time around. This will allow players to better understand the relationships and motivations of their fellow squadmates.


Game will be based on season 2

The video game sequel will be based on the second season of the anime. Koei Tecmo promised that they will be introducing a lot of new characters in it. These characters will show up in its several cutscenes, which will be more than the original ten in the first game.

‘NiOh’ Bloodshed’s End trailer revealed

In other Koei Tecmo related news, the game company released a new trailer for “NiOh’s” final DLC called Bloodshed’s End. This will be set after the events of Defiant Order, which was the DLC before this one.

It will be the last part of game protagonist William’s journey, and it will cover the final part of the Sengoku-era.

The new DLC will have new characters to meet and enemies to fight. From the trailer, the new enemies are brutal and difficult to defeat.

There is also one scene in the game where it looked like there were three players fighting together. This could be the new game mode called The Abyss, which is still a mystery.

New main missions, Twilight missions, and sub-missions will be introduced in the upcoming DLC.


Players will also fight new yokai and gain new guardians. It will be released on Sept. 26 for $9.99 only, and it will be free for season pass owners.

Check out the "NiOh" Bloodshed's End DLC trailer here: