SD Gundam G Generation Genesis” is a strategy video game based on characters and robots on the popular anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam.” This game is catered for the fans of the anime. It lets them control different Mobile Suits and pit them against others. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind in order to have the best team in it.

Grind for experience and level up

Players must level up their recent mobile suit teams first before taking on the next mission. Even though they are the lowest versions, they should have all the experience they need.


Overpowering against the AI is important in this game to prepare the team for later stages with higher difficulty

High-level mobile suits will have better stats and skills in combat, which gives them a higher rate of survival. Upgraded units will have better evasion with melee and ranged attacks, less damage when hit, dish out more damage, and more.

Always capture enemy mobile suits whenever possible

Getting in-game money in this game will be difficult to do because the rewards are not enough to pay for upgrades of the players’ mobile suits.

The fast way to gain a lot of cash is to capture the enemy mobile suits from special guests and reserved units inside ships.

In-game money is hard to come by because rewards after missions are not enough to pay for upgrades. The best solution is to capture enemy mobile suits from special guests and reserved units inside ships.

Special guests appear in a mission if players trigger certain conditions. These special units are better in terms of fire power and stats, which makes it a good idea to capture them.


They can also be sold at a high price.

To capture these special guests, players will have to shoot down the “captain” of this team. The rest of the units will shut down and can be captured. Approach these units with your own ship in order to do so.

The reserved units will be stocked inside the ships in a mission. Players will have to taunt the ships to launch the units in order to capture them. Blow up the ships to make the units surrender and then approach them with your own ship to capture them.

Evolve high-level units

Evolve mobile suits after they gain a certain level for better stats and abilities. They can transform into other units that have better designs than the default versions. They can also evolve into mobile suits from certain “Gundam” anime series as well.

Choose units that can be deployed in almost any terrain

Mobile suits that can be deployed in almost any terrain will be a big advantage for players. Units compatible with flight, water, space, and ground should be a priority. They will gain bonuses like better mobility, increased damage, and more.


Get optional parts when needed

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis” also has optional parts that can be equipped by units and ships. These items can turn the tide of battle with its increase of stats and more. Early versions are only temporary and should be sold when a better version is unlocked later on.

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