#SD Gundam G Generation Genesis” is a tactical video game made for the fans of the anime franchise, “#Mobile Suit Gundam.” This game series has many game titles already and this is the latest one from Bandai Namco. Here is my review on how this made for fans game fares for the rest of the gaming world.

Several stories of the franchise told in one game

Compared to the previous game titles of the series, this one only tells the stories of the different “Gundam” animes in the #UC Timeline. While this game does not have its own original story, each of the stories is told in a similar manner in their respective animes in condensed form.

The major focus of this game is its gameplay and the number of mobile suits or the robots and its designs in a major royal rumble.

Music themes from the respective anime titles, but gets boring in the long run

I must emphasize that this particular video game was developed as service for the longtime fans of the different anime series. Almost all of the music that players will hear in this game will be from different animes of “Gundam,” which will be a great service for the fans, but it will become a bore for those who are new to it. It usually loops back after one song is done, which turns it into a boring listen after a while.

The voice acting is perfect due to the support from the original voice actors from the different anime series. The sound effects are perfect as well and it combines easily with the modern ones from the recent anime series.

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It does not sound strange when the old sound effects from the old ones clash with the new ones, which makes it a marvelous game to play.

Mobile suits are more animated now

In “SD Gundam G Generation Genesis,” the animations of the mobile suits are now better compared to the previous titles of the game series, which looked too static. This time around it looks more dynamic, even comparable to the gameplay design of another mech series called “Super Robot Wars.” The mobiles suits have better designs this time around too with sleeker looks and a sharper form.

Unfortunately, the game menu is a bit dull to look at with a lot of green compared to the previous title called “SD Gundam G Generation Overdrive” that had so many colors. After grinding for a long time to gain experience and collecting mobile suits to sell, going back to the main menu looks dull and sometimes will make you want to play another game to have a change of scenery.

A must play for fans with limitless gameplay potential

With different types of mobile suits at your disposal and its different evolutions, players are able to wage war against other mobile suits whether they are from the Zeon forces or from the Earth Federation.

They can bring their strongest mobile suits that they have leveled up and demolish their enemies in important scenes of the “Gundam” UC Timeline. A fair warning though: this game is for players who love strategy and tactical games and fans of the “Gundam” anime series.

Three different difficulties for challenges

The replayability value of this video game is rather high at first due to the three different difficulties to try out and each has their own rewards. Players who are still new the to game will have to play the easy difficulty in order to gain more units, and level up the current ones and maybe evolve them into another unit. To gain more experience, raising the difficulty would be a wise choice and it could give them larger experience and more in-game cash for finishing the stage.

This value is smashed apart by the DLCs that players could gain through the season pass. Most of the mobile suits from each DLC are quite overpowered, making it super-easy to finish a mission with these units alone. Tactics are still needed, but it is obvious that the difficulty has lessened so much with these new units.

I have two review scores for "SD Gundam G Generation Genesis," to be fair to the fans and the ones who just want to play the game for its tactical features. For the fans, this is 7 out of 10 points due to its awesome gameplay, almost limitless methods to go through a mission while collecting your favorite mobile suits, better animation, and listening to your favorite music themes. For the regular players, this would be an average 5 out of 10 points due to the loopy music and overpowered DLC units, but the gameplay is still solid and fun to play.

Check out the "SD Gundam G Generation Genesis" Trailer here: