Naughty Dog has revealed that the upcoming sequel, “Last of Us 2,” is still incomplete and not yet in full production. Moreover, its developers are still figuring out what to do next with the upcoming game while waiting for additional resources.

Upcoming game not yet in full production

Naughty Dog has released trailers for the highly-anticipated the “Last of Us 2.” However, its specific details have remained unknown and its developer didn’t reveal much about it. Its fans are now just putting up together bits of details from the trailers to know more about the game.

It is important to note that Naughty Dog has been a one-game studio. Since they have been recently working on the “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” they are still finishing up some work leaving the rest of the team waiting for more resources. Hence, "The Last Of Us 2” remained an unfinished project.

In an interview with Daily Star, communications director Arne Meyer has pointed out that the game is not even at full production. She added that they will focus on it once they have completed the “Uncharted” game.

The director revealed that their team has been working hard on “The Last of Us,” “Uncharted 4,” and “Lost Legacy.” Hence, most of their people need a vacation.

With this, “The Last of Us 2” might still not be in full speed production even after the development of the “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.”

Naughty Dog is not sure on what to do next?

Game developers usually have three or more projects already planned out. With this, they can maintain their efficiency in developing different franchises.

However, things are different with Naughty Dog.

A report published by revealed that Naughty Dog has nothing at this time after “The Last of Us Part 2” once they release the “Lost Legacy.” Meyer assured that some members of their team are now trying to figure out what’s next for the game company. “We'll see if there are potential resources to spare which can go into that discovery period, but it's hard to tell now,” Meyer said.

'The Last of Us 2' release date

A significant number of fans have been waiting and fervently asking for the game’s updates including its release date. It is expected that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, but no release window has been revealed so far. However, Meyer explained that Naughty Dog will shift resources to what comes next once the game is in full production. Hence, the highly-anticipated game is still way far from its launch date.