Nintendo plans to introduce some additional games to their Nintendo Switch at the upcoming Pax West gaming event in Seattle, which will run from Sept. 1-4.

Since the release of the newest Nintendo video game console back in March, the lack of supported video games still remains the main reason many gamers stay away from playing Nintendo Switch. But at PAX West, attendees can participate in a lot of activities prepared by the Japanese electronics and video game company, in particular, this includes the introduction of four new and exciting video games.

Four new games

Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser revealed that the upcoming PAX West event will serve as an avenue to inform the world about their upcoming plans for Nintendo Switch. Aside from multiple events and exciting giveaways for lucky participants, Bowser revealed that they will be bringing their new games.

Attendees will get a chance to play upcoming Nintendo Switch games including “Pokkén Tournament DX” and “Rocket League” which is developed by Psyonix; “NBA 2K18” from 2K Games, and Electronic Arts' “FIFA 18” at the PAX West event ahead of their scheduled release dates.

The night before the PAX West event unfolds, Nintendo will hold the Nindies@Night event. Open to the public, everyone gets to speak with game developers and executives about the latest update on upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

The event will be available via live streaming.

The Nindie activities will continue all throughout the entire PAX West event. The schedules are as follows: Friday to Sunday (noon-9 p.m.) and Monday (noon-6 p.m.).

Event schedules and other activities

Starting day one, participants will have their hands full with tons of activities throughout the day.

One of these events is the Pokkén Tournament DX Virtual Academy fan event which will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in the Willow Ballroom starting at 6 p.m.

Participants will get the chance to be one of the first players to play the Pokkén Tournament DX game before its official launching which is scheduled for Sept. 22. As added fanfare, the event will also host exhibition matches pitting professional video gamers against members of Nintendo’s Treehouse.

The following day, up to 600 fans get the chance to join the live filming of a Nintendo Minute segment on "Metroid: Samus Returns" game. The event is said to introduce new game plays and game content while attendees will be given collectible Nintendo Power cover-inspired posters.