A tweet from the US Department of Defense has turned the fandom of “Dragon Ball Super” crazy. The department gives an impression that it is composed of extra serious people who are busy securing and protecting the United States and its citizens. This tweet is refreshing as it reflects that the people in this department are also cool and live a life just like yours and mine.


On its official Twitter account, the US Department of Defense tweeted something that fans of “Dragon Ball Super” and the franchise as well, will love them all the more.


It appears that these brave Marines have been watching the fan-favorite anime series after all. The tweet that you find below contains the text KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAA! An iconic attack that has been perfected by Goku and his allies in the franchise’s run.

The text was supported by an image of the US Marines on training in Queensland, Australia. In addition, the image showed a soldier holding what appears to be a rocket launcher that is firing an explosive power. Most likely, the one who posted the tweet find the resemblance of the fiery discharge from the weapon to Goku’s signature finishing attack, thus the Kamehameha caption.

Fandom answered back

The tweet was not missed by the fandom. In fact, fans of the popular anime series were trolling the tweet and responding by tweeting back a clip of Goku’s actual Kamehameha. There was even a fan who challenged the department if they could show a fusion. Others fans commented that the image shown is more of Ryu’s Hadoken than “DBZ’s” Kamehameha. The tweet earned, praises from fans for being cool and gratefulness for serving and protecting the country.


Episode 104 spoilers

Meanwhile, things are getting more interesting as the anime series move on to its next episodes. There are already two universes that have been totally annihilated as a result of getting all their fighters kicked out of the arena. With Universe 10 recently destroyed, the fighters of Universe7 will be fighting against the toughest fighters of the Tournament of Power.

In episode 104, fans will see Universe6’s Hit fighting against Dyspo of the Pride Troopers. In the episode preview, it was shown that Dyspo has discovered how to counter Hit’s Time-Skip and it appears that Hit is having a really tough fight against him.

Goku intervened and asked Hit to team up with him and fight Dyspo. In this episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku will show his new form as an SS God.