The spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 have been recently released online through a scan from Jump Magazine. In this episode, Muten Roshi will steal the spotlight from the Saiyans and will risk his life in the Tournament of Power. Interestingly, the spoilers reveal that the Turtle Hermit has a secret master plan.


Thanks to Todd Blankenship efforts, the spoilers for Episode 105 of “Dragon Ball Super are now available. As the plot thickens in the Tournament of Power, Muten Roshi will be given his own spotlight in this episode.

So far characters like Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 17, and Android 18, were already given their own spot in the tournament. Only Tien and Muten Roshi were not yet seen fighting.

Episode 105 titled, “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes His Life!!” will air on August 27. As the Tournament of Power enters the middle stage, the old master springs into action. The spoilers reveal that the events happening in the tournament have been very unpredictable as it changes anytime. It was revealed that Roshi has been observing and analyzing the fighters all this time while he is not yet fighting. It appears that beyond power, skills, and techniques, the old man’s secret plan is to study how the opponents perform in the tournament.


Roshi’s weakness

As the Turtle Hermit enters into action, he will battle against the sexy warrior Caway of Universe 4. Caway is one of the strongest fighters of the gentle universe. Lead by the god of destruction Quitela, the team will fight in the tournament using their sex appeal. With a sexy warrior as an opponent, will Muten Roshi withstand the temptation laid before his eyes?

In the history of the anime, Roshi is known for his penchant for sexy women. There were several episodes where he was shown reading a pornographic magazine.

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Will the Turtle hermit survive this fight? Most probably the old man has prepared for this given the rigorous training he has undergone before the tournament started. As the man who trained Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Goku, perhaps he has overcome his weakness when he is fighting (hopefully).

Other details

There are interesting details in the spoilers aside from Roshi’s fight. It was stated in the spoilers that the Omni-King and all the gods are intensely watching for the outcome of the battle. The text continues asking which universe will disappear next.

The statement gives an impression that another universe will be annihilated in the coming episode. If they are watching intently Roshi’s battle with Caway, it seems that Universe4’s fate will now depend on Caway’s victory or failure. If Roshi gets eliminated, Universe7 will not be destroyed yet as he will be the second fighter from the universe who will get kicked out of the Tournament of Power.

These are just spoilers and there are times that the interpretation varies with what will really happen in the episode when it airs.


There are previous spoilers in the past that contain error. In this spoilers, the scan claimed Quitela and Caway are from Universe2 when in fact they are from Universe4 Episode 105 of “Dragon Ball Super” is another interesting battle as Universe7 strives to survive in the Tournament of Power.