The October Guide for “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently shared online. The guide has interesting details that can spoil some of the upcoming actions of the popular anime series. One is the possibility of Dyspo surviving the tag team of Hit and Goku in Episode 104.

Latest leak

On Twitter, Yonkuo Prod shared several scanned images of Shonen Jump magazine. Among them is the scan of the guide for the anime series in October. The guide contains Goku’s front view image, which draws a lot of speculations from fans about the Saiyans potential new form.


There is another interesting image that could spoil the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” The image contains updates on each universe participating in the Tournament of Power including the remaining warriors who are still in the tournament.

In the image for Universe11, it was shown that Dyspo is still in the list of characters that are still active in the Tournament of Power. All other troopers that were eliminated from the battle have their profiles in the scanned image darkened. If this is the guide for October, it is safe to assume that Universe11 will still last until that time in the tournament.

Apparently, the image of KahseraI is already darkened, which we saw from episode101 were fighting along with other troopers against Android 17 and 18. In addition, it appears that with Dyspo still unmarked as disqualified in the match simply means he has survived Goku and Hit’s tag team.

It could be possible that other fighters from Universe11 intervened when Dyspo was about to get defeated and saved him from getting disqualified. Most likely, Toppo or Jiren could have saved him from getting kicked out of the tournament. However, Kunsi’s image was already darkened in the scan. This could mean that Goku and Hit could have defeated Kunsi but Dyspo was able to escape.


Episode 104 spoilers

Episode 104 titled, “A Transcendent Battle at the Speed of Light! They are Goku and Hit together!” will air on August 20. Gohan defeated the last warrior of Universe10, Obuni, sending the entire universe to their total annihilation. Pride Troopers’ Dyspo and Kunsi from Universe11 will fight against Hit. Dyspo claims that he has perfected a counter to Hit’s time-skip, which makes it hard for Universe6’s Assassin to defeat him. In fact, it appears that Hit is getting deliberately defeated by Dyspo.

According to the spoilers, Goku will join Hit in fighting against Dyspo and Kunsi. It is also in this episode that fans will see Goku transform into a Super Saiyan God. He will have a pinkish spiky hair and a pinkish aura. As to whether Hit and Goku defeated Dyspo and Kunsi is everyone’s guess. We will all see on August 20 when Episode 104 of “Dragon Ball Super” airs.