Episode 104 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired today and once again, it has never failed the expectations of the fandom. Today’s show belonged to the Pride Troopers, particularly to Dyspo and Kunshi. It was also in this episode that Goku showed his SSGod form and Hit displayed his powerful fighting skills.

Episode 103 recap

The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has only 35 minutes left and two universes have already suffered the consequence of getting eliminated in the tournament. Gohan defeated Universe10’s last fighter, Obuni and threw him out of the arena using his Kamehameha.

Episode 104 highlights

The episode starts with Dyspo introducing himself to Hit and he wants to beat his Time-Skip for Universe11.

The fight started and the rabbit-looking fighter from Universe11 managed to land several solid punches on the Universe 6 Assassin despite his Time-Skip. For numerous times, Hit’s attacks were all countered and Dyspo appeared to beat him in the first few minutes of the fight. Champa panicked and noticed that Dyspo looked like his twin Beerus.

Despite getting beaten, Hit managed to stay cool and Dyspo hated his guts. The warriors fought again but this time their speed was so fast even the Omni-Kings were not able to keep up. The Grand Priest explained that their godpads have the slowmo feature that allows them to see the action in a slowed-down version.

Hit, this time tried not using his Time-Skip and instead engaged his opponent in a hand-to-hand combat. The Assassin appeared to be getting hammered but Toppo sensed that he was actually adjusting to Dyspo’s speed and was successfully dodging the solid punches that could lead to critical damage.

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Seeing this, the Team Leader of the Pride Troopers ordered Kunshi to help in the fight.

Hit was finally pushed to the edge of the arena. As Dyspo closed in to deliver his final blow, it merely passed through as if The Assassin was just a hologram. Instead of beating his opponent, Dyspo ended up falling out of the arena. As Champa cheered on Hit’s victory, Kunshi released his energy ropes and saved his teammate. The two Troopers now team up against Universe 6’s ace fighter.

Goku intervenes

When the Troopers are about to attack, Goku intervenes in his Super Saiyan God form. This form is faster than his regular SS Form and can conserve his energy much better than SSBlue. While Hit objects his participation in the fight, Goku goes off to fight Dyspo and Hit fights Kunshi. During the fight, Goku discovers that the rabbit-looking fighter from Universe11 fight in a straight line. This means that if the Saiyan just times things properly, he can counter his opponent’s speed by temporarily transforming into SSB.

On the other hand, Kunshi surrounds himself with energy mines to restrict Hi from coming near him. However, Hit just sends a shockwave-like attack from afar.

The Assassin insists on fighting Dyspo and he trades opponent with the Saiyan. During this fight, Hit successfully lands his attacks to Dyspo. His new strategy confuses the Trooper and catches him off guard all the time. Meanwhile, Goku attacks Kunshi by turning into SSBlue and just passing over the landmines he surrounds himself with. The Saiyan is seen countering Kunshi’s Ki blast and attacking him mercilessly.

Dyspo is beaten and hit picks him up by his ear and asks him to jump off the arena. As the rabbit-looking Tropper refuses to Hit’s request, Kunshi attacks and aims to bring The Assassin out of the arena with him. Hit does not waste time and knocks off Kunshi out of the arena. Universe11 is down to three warriors but their Kaioshin is not worried. They still got Toppo, Dyspo, and Jiren.

Next week, Master Roshi will steal the spotlight as he stars in Episode 105 of “Dragon Ball Super.” It will air on August 27 and is titled Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes His Life!!