The 2.5D fighting game by Arc System Works will have a unique Story Mode. The latest information about “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has been recently confirmed by Shonen Jump Magazine. Aside from the game mode the magazine also confirmed two new forms of playable characters in the upcoming game.

Story Mode

Based on the latest issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” will have a unique Story Mode. According to the Japanese publication, the story mode of the upcoming fighting game will not follow the Manga or the anime storyline. Instead, it will feature the story of the revived #Android 16 and the super warrior getting defeated by an unknown force one after another.

In the game “DBXenoverse 2,” the story mode let players explore a distorted timeline from the DB storyline to restore it. Fans are pleased on this latest detail about the game’s story mode. The unique storyline will get the fans’ interests since it is a fresh take on the usual anime and manga that most of them already know.

Two new character forms

Aside from the confirmation of the Story Mode in the game, the Japanese magazine also confirmed that two new character forms will be available in the game’s playable characters. Players will get the chance to play as Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.

Confirmed playable characters

So far there are nine confirmed playable characters in the game. The roster includes the iconic Super Saiyan Goku, the Prince of Saiyan Vegeta, Vegeta’s son Future Trunks, and Goku’s son, the Mystic Warrior Gohan.

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Other confirmed playable characters are the supervillains namely Freiza, Majin Buu, and Cell. So far there is no information yet if there will be a Golden Freiza or a Perfect Cell form in the game. Other warriors joining the roster are the Namekian warrior and Gohan;s mentor Piccolo, and Goku’s best friend and Android 18’s husband Krillin. With the recent confirmation of the Story Mode and Android 16's revival, that makes him another addition to the roster of playable characters.

VSFighting 2017

Meanwhile, several gamers who attended the VSFighting 2017 shared online several combo clips and notes about the game. Some of them were able to get their hands on the upcoming 2.5 D fighting game of Arc System Works and have been thrilled to share their experiences. The event was attended by Europian gamers of varying gaming skills. You can check one of the combo clips below.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z” is scheduled to release in 2018. There is no specific timeline as to when precisely but fans are anticipating it will be out in the first quarter of 2018. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. #Stroy Mode #Dragon Ball Super