The latest updates for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" will feature four new playable characters in the roster and details on the game's story mode.

New 'FighterZ' added

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Jump revealed four new playable characters in "Dragon Ball FighterZ." These characters are Androids 16 and 18, and the Super Saiyan Blue forms of Son Goku and Vegeta. The Super Saiyan Blue form is the latest transformation in the series and made its debut in "Resurrection of F" anime film.


Son Goku and Vegeta gained this new transformation during their training with Whiz, as he taught the two Saiyans how to combine the "God" ki with their Super Saiyan form. They used SSJ Blue to fight Golden Frieza, and it has regularly been seen in "Dragon Ball Super" anime series.

Android 18 and 16 were featured in the "Android" and "Cell" sagas. Android 18 is the twin sister of Android 17, and they were kidnapped and modified by Doctor Gero to fight Goku and his friends. These two were responsible for the deaths of the Z warriors in Future Trunks' timeline, and as a result, the latter went back in time to prepare Goku for the coming attack.

Android 18 joined the heroes after they defeated Cell and married Krillin to start a family of their own.

As for Android 16, he was not present in Future Trunks' timeline, and he was Doctor Gero's first creation before 17 and 18. His body is completely mechanical and can detach his arms into powerful energy cannons.16 had an important role during the "Cell Games" as he sacrificed himself to help Son Gohan trigger his anger and transform into Super Saiyan 2 to beat Cell.

New story mode

The Weekly Jump magazine revealed the game's story mode, and it will feature a "what if" scenario for the players to tackle.


Android 16 will play a prominent role in the campaign as he will be revived at some point in the story to fight the Z warriors.

The Japanese Magazine added that six players can participate in 3-on-3 online matches with each controlling different characters on the roster.

Bandai Namco Entertainment will reveal more details about "FighterZ" at this year's Gamescom event next week along with its beta registration. The beta test will feature all nine fighters like Son Gohan, Cell, Frieza, Piccolo and Maijin Buu, as well as a possible gameplay trailer of Android 16 and 18.

The game publisher also teased a Nintendo Switch version depending on the success of "Xenoverse 2" in the game console.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" will launch on 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.