#Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the complete and official ratings of the roster of characters for “#Dragon Ball FighterZ.” The rating includes the fighter’s Speed, Techniques, and Power to name a few. The official list is definitely a subject of debate among fans as they argue over the character’s real strengths against another fighter.

Latest ranking

The official website of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” was recently updated with the official ratings for the confirmed characters included in the game. There are currently nine confirmed fighters that Bandai Namco has revealed. The ratings are arranged on a grading scale of F through A with the Exceptional indicated with S or SS.

Ranked in six categories, characters are given ratings based on Speed, Power, Technique, Energy, Reach, and Ease of Use. So far, none of the revealed fighters is ranked lower than C and none goes beyond the SS designation.

In terms of Power, Gohan is ranked SS while Goku, Cell, and Majin Buu are given the S rating. Frieza, Trunks, and Piccolo are rated A and Krillin is graded B. As to the characters’ Speed, the Mystique Warrior Gohan get the highest rating S, he is followed by Frieza, Krillin, Trunks, and Vegeta with A ratings respectively. Goku and Piccolo, on the other hand, are rated B and Majin Buu is the slowest among the fighters with a C rating.

As for the characters’ Reach, Cell, Majin Buu, Piccolo, and Trunks are rated S. The super villain Frieza get an A rating along with Goku.

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The Saiyan Prince Vegeta is rated B while Krillin and Gohan get C ratings. It appears that in term of Technique the super villain Frieza is designated with an S rating along with Piccolo, Krillin, Trinks, and Majin Buu. On the other hand, Cell, Vegeta, and Goku are given the A ratings while Gohan is rated B.

Frieza has the highest rating for Energy with an S rating while Vegeta and Bulma’s son Trunks is the lowest energy rate of B. For Ease of Use, Goku, and the Prince of Saiyan Vegeta are the top characters designated with SS ratings. Piccolo, Frieza, and Majin Buu are given the B rating in this category.

Upcoming character

Another fighter is expected to be revealed soon that will definitely excite the fans. In a recent interview with Chris Huber during the Florida Supercon, the voice actor has unintentionally let slip a detail about a character coming to the game. He revealed that he has already voiced his character for “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” Huber is the voice behind the powerful fighter Android 17. So if the latest leaked information is true, fans will see 17 in the game very soon. #Character Ratings