BandaiNamco has only revealed so far 9 characters for "Dragon Ball FighterZ." While the game still has a long way to go before its release (scheduled for some time in 2018) we can’t help but to come up with a list of characters that would fit well in this amazing fighting game.

The Bad Guys


What would be a Dragon Ball fighting game with the Legendary Super Saiyan? Although he isn’t considered cannon, he is one of Goku’s fiercest rival. He is a great villain with a lot of unique traits to him. Not only that, but the fact that Broly’s power levels and transformations revolves around his crown can translate exceptionally well into fighting game mechanics.

That being said, it would definitely be very exciting to be able to put Goku [VIDEO] and Broly into a fighter. Even better, imagine them being teamed together!


Being Frieza’s older brother, Cooler would be a great addition to "Dragon Ball FighterZ"! We would hope his design to be like Frieza but slightly different, and enough to create his own identify. Think of Ryu vs Ken differences in Street Fighter. They are both able to be included in all Street Fighter games because they each have their own loyal followings and have enough differences in game play to merit it. This can be easily applied to Frieza and Cooler definitely. Frieza being the more offensive character while Cooler is the cooler, pun intended, more defense character.

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The God of Destruction


I’m a little on the fence about Beerus because he is after all a God. It’s typically hard to put a “God” character in a game without making them look weak against the others in order to keep the game balanced. Just imagine Beerus fighting against Krilin, see what I mean? However, Beerus does provide a great freshness to the game as he’s a wonderful character with a great personality and great move sets. I can imagine a way to balance Beerus would be to give him some sort of sleeping meter where he would fall asleep. That might be able to help balance his otherwise extremely overpowered strength.


For the first time in a long time, a Dragon Ball fighting game will feature assist calling mechanisms like in Marvel vs Capcom. Bulma might not be a fighter at all, but I think she can make it work by being an extremely useful character used as an assist.

Whether they give her ability to power up the front line character, or to provide with buffs as an assist character, this can work especially in a 3v3 fighter because you can afford to dedicate one slot for a good assist character. For those familiar with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, imagine the role of Haggar or Dante, where they are characters valued for their incredibly powerful assists more than their actual move set.

Vegito – Gogeta

So much that we want a fused character in "Dragon Ball FighterZ," we doubt it would be eventually included simply due to the fact that this character would be extremely powerful. It is after all Goku and Vegeta fused together! I can’t imagine how they would be able to balance this character if they included them in the game or how players would simply pick them rather than Goku or Vegeta alone. The only reasonable option if they were to include such a powerful character in the game is if a fused character takes up 2 slots. Aside from that, Vegito/Gogeta’s move set would be way too similar to Vegeta and Goku’s [VIDEO]. We simply want this character because of his epic status but we won’t be surprised if they are not included in "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

That concludes our list of characters we wished would be in "Dragon Ball FighterZ." We’re looking forward to see what new characters will be revealed in the coming months and we certainly hope it would be one of the characters we mentioned above!