Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” is soon coming to Nintendo Switch and the developer is now making noises. A new trailer has just been posted, trying to pull the hype for the debut of the game to the platform.

The preview highlights the versatility of the new Nintendo Switch. It shows that the new game can be played in three ways: via TV console, smartphone attached to the JoyCons, and even to a linked tablet.

New trailer shows how the game is more enjoyable via the Switch

The clip features how the “DBX 2” runs smoothly on the Switch.

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Gamers can play in the comfort of their homes with a huge LCD screen.

Those who are always on the go may also play the game through the use of the JoyCons. By simply attaching the controller to one’s smartphone or linking it to a tablet, fans of “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” can play and enjoy the game at any time and anywhere they choose.

How cool are the JoyCons?

The trailer also reveals how the battle system of the “DBX 2” will run through the JoyCons of the console. Throwing fireballs through the JoyCons is easy, as well as dodging incoming attacks.

As the player holds the controllers in each of his hands, he can manipulate the actions of his chosen character in the game. Through hand gestures, the player will just act the fighting stints and the chosen character will perform the same. This allows the player to have a feel of actually being in the game. How cool is that?

What are the main highlights of the game?

The trailer also teases the numerous epic battles in the hit sequel. With regard to the antagonists, gamers can also choose their desired opponent to battle against. The game console also allows players to pick the adventure to take on in the game.

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Gamers can relive the “Dragon Ball” plot through time travel. There is also the option to go on an adventure to protect historical moments in the DB universe.

Players will have a new gaming experience when the sequel comes to the Switch. It features next generation visuals that will make the Dragon Ball anime come to life in the game.

It offers a multiplayer feature where one can play with 300 online players simultaneously. This can be more enjoyed in the latest hub city, which has been increased to seven times the size of the city from the original game.

The new sequel also features new characters, as well new boss fights. Both can be customized through its latest character creation system. The game will come to the Switch with customization features where players can choose from a long list of options to customize the look and capacity of their chosen character.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” is expected to come to the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 22, according to Comicbook. Check out the trailer below for more visuals.