#Blizzard introduced the latest “#Overwatch” character named Doomfist with a unique animated video. It showcases a great battle involving the new hero, Winston, Tracer, and Genji. Many applauded the footage for its graphics and, more importantly, compelling animation.

According to Polygon, the studio behind the aforementioned “Overwatch” video is none other than Wolf Smoke Studio, a company based in Shanghai. Apparently, the studio has been bugging Blizzard to let them create an anime [VIDEO] involving the game’s characters since last year. Here is everything about the creators in a nutshell.

The Wolf Smoke Studio

Many might not know Wolf Smoke Studio, but they have been in the industry of animation for quite some time already.

In fact, they are the ones that brought the popular animated shorts such as “Kung Fu Cooking Girls” and a series of Chinese-themed “Batman” shorts. Interestingly, these animated shorts were created exclusively for Cartoon Network, therefore, making them a reputable studio in the industry.

The creators at Wolf Smoke Studio iterated that they are big fans of Blizzard’s shooter game “Overwatch.” In fact, to showcase this love towards the title, they posted a piece of fan art on their official Tumblr page. The caption reads, “What if Overwatch comes into an anime?”

The image features a stylish concept of Tracer perfected with anime-ish elements. Eventually, the post became viral, accumulating more than 2,000 likes and reblogs. This caught Blizzard’s attention, resulting to a collaboration between the two companies.

What the video showcases

The Origins story video [VIDEO] uploaded on the official YouTube channel of “Overwatch” features Doomfist, who engages in a battle with Winston, Genji, and Tracer. Doomfist talks about how conflict can help humanity become stronger only if they choose to embrace it. Obviously, the protagonists do not approve of it, as they can be seen waging war against the Nigerian hero. The footage also shows Doomfist escaping the Helix security prison using his bare hands, contrary to the belief that Reaper and other Talon members helping him.

As a character, Doomfist’s main utility in “Overwatch” makes use of his fists. He can shoot projectiles using his left arm, while his right arm can punch and knock enemies off. He also has the ability to charge enemies using his right arm, knocking opponents straight into a wall. As for his ultimate, it is called Meteor Strike and allows him to leap towards an advancing enemy, blowing them apart. Currently, he is available on the Public Test Realm of the game.