On the 25 July 2017, 'Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star' was released on Steam. It seems Japanese developers have truly taken the hint, as more and more games are making the jump from console to PC. While the jump to PC seems to generally take few months after their release to the consoles, late is better than never. Based on the popular 'Fate' franchise, "Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star" was developed and published by Marvelous, who is mostly known for the infamous Senran Kagura franchise.

So, after that glorious Steam summer sale, is the price tag worth it?

'Fate/EXTELLA' follows in the footsteps of 'Dynasty Warriors'

From the very first mission, it quickly becomes apparent what type of experience "Fate/EXTELLA" delivers.


With a screen littered to the max with fodder enemies and playable characters holding massive weapons and enough ability to wipe out half an army with one strike, this is a Musou game through and through. It follows the line found in the"Dynasty Warriors," "One Piece Pirate Warriors," and "Hyrule Warriors." With just a weak and strong attack which allows for a few combos, a special attack, and a transformation option, there is not really all that much in the way of surprises. Senran Kagura fans would probably enjoy this well enough, although the 16 playable cast is nowhere near as diverse as something like "Estival Versus."

Anime fans of 'Fate/Zero' and 'Fate/Stay Night'

As with any "Warriors" game, the real question is whether you have any attachment to the source content of "Fate/EXTELLA." If Saber, Archer, and Lancer do not mean anything to you - then at least wait until the price decreases.

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Otherwise, the flashy but insanely repetitive combat will get to you sooner rather than later. For fans of the anime or the visual novels, "Fate/EXTELLA" includes fan favorites like Nero, Gilgamesh, and Iskandar; who not only make an appearance but are playable. Their attacks are definitely faithful to the source material and can be quite exciting to see for the first dozen or so times.

"Fate/EXTELLA's" digital setting suffers from a distinct lack of variety, with most areas looking exactly the same. Thankfully, the boss fights are actually quite challenging. There are three storylines to play through, each with a different main character. The additional playable characters are included throughout the story and have their own side missions. There are also unlockables, which can be used to strengthen the cast.

Steam offering 'Fate/EXTELLA' with a discount for the first week

With a base price of $49.99, Steam is offering a 10 percent discount for the first week. DLC is not included but is also on sale with 20 percent off.