The latest #spoilers for episodes 99-101 of “#Dragon Ball Super” are already available. The spoilers are loaded with interesting revelations about the fighters and their powers. Among the interesting revelations contained in the spoilers is the sentence, the Awakening of the #Berserker.

What is Berserker?

In “Dragon Ball Super” Berserker is a state of Super Saiyan. It is in a way to the Legendary Super Saiyan form in physical appearance. In this state, the hair turns into light green, eyes become pupil-less, with a massive increase in muscle mass and height. Moreover, this state also contains electricity sparks resemblance of Super Saiyan2.

The fighter in this state holds so much power much greater than the average SS form and could be likened, at the least, to SS2. Aside from that, the energy surges and overflows while the bearer’s personality undergoes a drastic change. The user becomes violent in this form.

Episode 100 spoilers

The 100th episode of one of the most popular anime series will air on July 23. The episode is titled, “Rampage, The Berserker Awakens.” The latest spoiler reveals that Kale turns into this state and takes her opponent one by one. While in this violent form, the Saiyan of Universe6 disregarded Caulifa’s warning and pushed on with her rampage.

Interestingly, despite Kale’s Berserker state, she was single-handedly defeated by Universe 11’s Jiren. This goes to show how powerful and strong Jiren is. This state is already a powerful one to be overpowered just like that.

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Seeing this, Goku is delighted and cannot contain his desire to battle with Jiren.

Other details

In the first hour of the Tournament of Power, eight fighters from Universe 9 would fence in Goku in episode 98. The other participating universes are all blaming the Earth’s Saiyan for their feat in the tournament, which has a consequence of the potential destruction of their respective universe upon defeat. All of them want Universe7 to be eliminated first.

However, in the recently released spoilers, it was revealed that Universe9 gets to taste the consequence of getting defeated and Zen-o destroys their planet. There is shock among other participants, but the tournament moves on with Krillin getting the spotlight this time in episode 99.

Krillin’s real power

Android 18’s better-half battles against Gyum of Universe10 at the biggest tournament in the multiverse. Displaying his true power, Krillin hurled his Destructo Discs. However, he became worried with 18, which lead to his immediate elimination in the tournament.

The next episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on July 9, 16, 23, and 30. We will keep you posted about the latest updates of your favorite anime series as soon as information becomes available.