The preview for episode 99 of the anime series “#Dragon Ball Super” has been released. While the dust from the total annihilation of Universe9 has not yet settled, fans are set to experience another show of firepower and skills. Among all the other exciting scenes to watch out for, the fight between Frost and Android 18 is definitely the most interesting.


Universe4, under the leadership of Quitela, is aggressively using their crafty attacks, which puts Android 18 in danger. As the lady Android battle with Shousa, her husband tries to coordinate attacks with her to defeat the fighters of the said universe.

The episode titled, “Show it Off, Krillin’s Reserves of Strength” will air on July 16.

The latest preview highlights the human fighters of Universe7 showing off their strengths and skills. This is evident in Master Roshi and Krillin displaying the use Kamehameha. The angels and the gods from other universe appear to be surprised that these mere mortals have this significant amount of power.

There is also an exchange of fire power coming from Krillin and the Bird guy. After that, Gohan is seen standing in front of his father’s best friend depicting a possible scene where he will handle the Bird guy while Krillin helps his wife. However, this episode will also show Goku’s best buddy getting disqualified in the Tournament of Power.

Frost vs. Android 18

The preview also showed several scenes with Frost advancing towards Android 18. The battle between these two fighters will be really exciting considering the power and skills both possess.

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However, there are speculations as early as now that 18 is going to be overpowered by Frost. This will be the case since there was a hyped speculation about Frost and Frieza collaborating in the middle part of the tournament.

What disqualifies the U7’s fighter?

Spoilers for episode 100 of “Dragon Ball Super” reveal that Android 18’s husband is going to be disqualified from the Tournament of Power. The possibility of Krillin killing one of the fighters is highly unlikely. There are several claims that it could be the sunglass that he brings with him in the tournament that is going to get him disqualified. In the footage, the sunglass is seen worn by his wife. However, if we base it off of these rules, the sunglass is immaterial.

Most probably, his disqualification could be related to the Senzu Bean. It could be possible that the fighter popped the bean into his mouth. It is also likely that he has with him the magic beans and accidentally swallowed one during the fight. The most relevant speculation could be Frost kicking Android 18's husband out of the arena.

The 99th episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will put Goku’s best friend in the spotlight along with other mortal fighters of Universe 7. We will give you more updates about your favorite anime series as soon as we get more information.

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