Banda Namco recently rolled out their update regarding two new characters that will be joining the fighter roster in "Dragon Ball FighterZ." This is a follow up for the official trailer and previous characters. These two new fighters are Krilin and Piccolo. The two have different and unique fighting skills that can be utilized in battle. Along with the Krilin and Piccolo, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe revealed details about the online battles system. This will allow players to battle with others online.

The previous characters that were revealed by Bandai are the following: Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Majin Buu, and Cell.

Now, they confirm that Krilin and Piccolo are added to the roster.

Piccolo and Krilin

The two have different and unique sets of skills as well as stats. Here are the following:


  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 2
  • Technique: 4
  • Reach: 4
  • Energy: 3

Piccolo is well-versed with long range and charge techniques. His expandable arm allows him to reach far away opponents and grapples them. Next, he has his ways to break his opponent's guard and his charged attacks deal massive damage. The longer the charge, the huge the damage dealt. Long-pressing the button will commence charging attacks. Players who utilize his skills efficiently will make Piccolo a terror in battles. Players should be warned that Piccolo is rather slow compared to other characters. This is a trade-off to his techniques and range.


  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 2
  • Technique: 4
  • Reach: 1
  • Energy: 4

Krilin is perfect for close-combat specialists.

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He packs a strong punch when it comes to his known skills such as "Destructo Discs" and "Afterimage Technique." First, "Destructo Disc" is the skill that he can use to reach far away opponents as well as his "Kamehameha." On the other hand, "Afterimage Technique" can be used to confuse enemies and prepare for an attack. Players should not rely on the ranged attacks too often or they will lose the trade-off quickly. Instead, they should learn to change between close-combat and ranged, as well as deception.

Online Battle system

Moving on to the online battle system, players can communicate with other players through chat. Additionally, they control "chibi" characters in the lobby. The word "chibi" is the smaller and cuter versions of the characters that players are using. This type of battle system allows players to stay competitive and try their strategies on other players as well. Other than that, it is always important to have fun playing the game.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" will be released on three platforms: the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms in 2018. PC versions can be purchased through Steam. On the other hand, a closed beta will be hosted this summer and registration will start on July 26 this year.