The two new playable characters for the upcoming fighting game from Bandai Namco Entertainment are revealed today. It was just a few days ago when Future Trunks made headlines as one of the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" characters. The powers of the new fighters are also detailed in the latest scan from a Japanese publication.

New characters

As reported earlier today, that there are two new characters that will be added to the upcoming fighting title "Dragon Ball FighterZ." New information surfaced online today showing the latest scan from V-Jump Magazine announced two fighters Krillin and Piccolo will be added to the list of the game's playable characters.

The publication also revealed more details about the latest fighters including their powers and abilities that will be highlighted in the game.


The Namekian fighter will have technical skills, his charge techniques and his ability to extend his arms to his opponents and grasping them. Gohan's teacher has a variety of techniques that he uses to make his enemies vulnerable. The green-skinned warrior fire beams at extra high speed. To charge up for a more powerful attack, the player must long press the button. Piccolo has a technique that discharges strong Ki Blasts and causes massive damage to his enemies. This can deal even more damage when it is linked with a combo.


Goku's best buddy will also be one of the playable characters in the game. Among the abilities revealed for Krillin, is his ability to use many kinds of techniques.

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He can fire a Kamehameha, which means that fighting an opponent at a far distance is not an issue. While he has low reach and power, he has skills and techniques that drive his opponents crazy. His Afterimage technique often creates an image of the fighter before transforming into an attack. Android 18's better half also use Destructo Disc, which is most of the time very tough to fight against. Krillin has also an interesting ability to alter the trajectory of the Ki Blast and make them explode in the air and fire numerous Ki blasts.

Closed Beta

Meanwhile, the game's Closed Beta is set to kick off on July 26. According to Bandai Namco Entertainment, it will be available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. Nine playable characters will be featured in the game's Closed Beta. Among them are Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, and Krillin. Other known villains will also be in the featured such as Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can check out the latest trailer of the game that was released during the EVO 2017. The trailer was launched to celebrate the game's Closed Beta.