"Bleach," a Viz Media anime based on the popular manga by Tite Kubo, could be making a comeback. However, it is in the most unlikely of ways. After being off the air since 2012, fans have often wondered what would be next from the Bleach universe. With only a few video games released after the series ended, the franchise has remained quiet for quite some time. In hopes to utilize similar features from the wildly popular "Pokemon: GO" Mobile Game, the Bleach universe will return.

What is known

What we know right now about the upcoming mobile game is very little. Few sources even agree that this game exists, but faithful fans are keen on speculation.

What has been said so far is that the game will utilize GPS functionality much like Pokemon: GO and allow the players to assume the role of a Shinigami Daiko (Substitute Soul-reaper). In the game, a version of CG is expected to be used with some elements of augmented reality. The game is essentially meant to be designed as an RPG (Role Playing Game) allowing players to access a leveling up system in which to battle. The core of the gameplay is set for players to battle hollows (demon-like creatures from the anime), in hopes of keeping your hometown safe. It has not been confirmed that a PVP system is in the works, but judging by the playstyle of Pokemon: Go the game could leave out that element as a later addition.

The potential is real

Bleach is an anime that was both unique and extremely exciting.

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Building a mobile game based on real life locations could be a huge hit for fans of the manga and anime. Because so little is known, our hopes and dreams can run wild. This game could be huge. Some potential features could include; adding in some characters from the show or introducing a leveling system allowing players to face stronger enemies like Menos Grande or Espada. Even having players choose a potential set of attacks that would determine a customized Bankai would be amazing. Features like this would add to the overall epicness of the game or even put it ahead of competitors like Pokemon: Go or "Candy Crush."

Hope for expansion to western markets

As of right now, rumors are suggesting a region locked release to Japan only. This comes as grim news to those who want to try the game. However, if this "Mobile Bleach RPG" has a great proof-of-concept and success in Japan, we could see expansion to the US and Europe. We really want to believe that this rumor is true and not just an attempt at getting our hopes up. We pray that the game would get an international release. If it is true, we could very well see a resurgence in the pandemic that was mobile gaming in the streets.