Bandai Namco Entertainment just released the final downloadable content (DLC) pack for its popular fighting role playing video game, “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,” a few days ago. However, the company apparently saw it fit to further promote its new “DB Super Pack 4” DLC to entice players to check it out for themselves.

Today, the company released the official launch trailer for the fourth and final expansion pack to give fans an idea of what to expect and to motivate them to make the purchase. The DLC itself mainly focuses on the use of “Fusions” and the latest storyline featured in the franchise’s popular anime television series, “Dragon Ball Super.”

Fight of the fusions

The fourth and final DLC pack for the hit game will be introducing some very powerful characters that were taken straight out of the latest arc from the franchise’s hit anime.

Among the new characters are the fused form of Zamasu and Black Goku as well as the fused form of Goku and Vegeta called Vegito. Both characters are two of the most powerful beings in the “Dragon Ball” universe, not including the gods, angels, and other fighters from other universes of course.

New missions

To make sense of the arrival of the new characters, the entire “Warriors of Hope” storyline is also included in the DLC. The “Goku Black” arc and the “Future Earth” stage is also now available within the game’s story mode. Those who have already completed the game can still enjoy hours of new gameplay through the DLC‘s three new Parallel Quests. Additionally, players will also be getting access to different new content including five additional skills, six Super Souls, and four additional costumes.

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Free for all

Those who don’t want to purchase the DLC will still be getting some additional content via the game’s TP Medal Shop. All “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” owners will be getting bonus costumes and attacks from the shop even without owning any of the previous DLCS. Additionally, two new Raid Quest bosses have also been added into the game for all players.

The new “DB Super Pack 4” DLC is currently available as a separate purchase for $10. Those who already own the game’s $30 Season Pass will be getting the DLC for free. “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. A Nintendo Switch version has been announced to be released in Japan on Sept. 7, with a worldwide release to follow shortly after.