Bandai Namco surprised the fighting game community with its surprise reveal of their new “Dragon Ball Z” fighting game. The new title is called “Dragon Ball FighterZ” and it is being developed in collaboration with #Arc System Works, which is known for their “Guilty Gear” franchise. The trailer showcased a 3v3 system reminiscent of Capcom’s “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3,” where players can call on their teammates for assist attacks and switch out with another character during the match.

Character roster & graphics

The video trailer for “Dragon Ball FighterZ” featured several familiar characters from the long-running anime series.

Goku, Vegeta, a younger Gohan, Perfect Cell, Majin Buu, and Frieza made an appearance in the video clip. Fans obviously expect more fan-favorite characters to make it to the final roster in the near future. Each of the fighters sported familiar move sets and attacks taken directly from the anime. Moreover, the game’s graphics flaunt a cel-shaded design like the one from Arc System Works’ “#Guilty Gear Xrd” installments.

Fighting system

It appears that the game will be a combo-heavy fighter similar to the “Marvel vs Capcom” series and "Guilty Gear Xrd" fighting games. Players can chain several moves to create custom combos that launch their opponents in the air, which is followed by more attacks that can end with massive energy blasts that take a sizable chunk off their health bar.

Moreover, gamers can call on their teammates to perform an assist attack to prolong combos or just to create a diversion to distract their opponent.

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Characters can evidently tag in and out anytime as shown in the gameplay trailer. It's fighting system also allows tandem super combos straight out of the “Marvel vs Capcom” franchise.

A follow-up video trailer for the upcoming fighter flaunts more details as it shows a single match played from start to end. Gamers can also see a unique feature that changes the stage’s look after a devastating energy blast attack. It was observed that the fighting game switches to a cinematic view once a player defeats the opponent with a super energy blast. Afterward, the stage will change into a destroyed landscape that mimics some of the more destructive scenes in the anime.

Platforms & release date information

The new fighting game actually came as a surprise for most fans as Arc System Works just recently released "Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2" for all major platforms. Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is scheduled to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in early 2018, according to sources. #Dragon Ball Z