The main protagonist of the "Naruto" series might have risen up in his ranks since the beginning of the show, but there were times when his opponents overpowered him. In the current "Boruto" series, Naruto Uzumaki is considered to be the strongest shinobi in the entire world and he is one of the strongest Kage, but he didn't begin his journey to becoming the Hokage with this power level. Below is a list of four characters, in the "Naruto" universe, that defeated Naruto:

1. Tsunade Senju

The descendant of Senju clan and one of Konohagakure's Sannin. Although she abandoned the life of Shinobi for several years due to the sorrow of losing her brother (Nawaki) and her lover (Dan), Naruto and Jiraiya persuaded her to come back to Konohagakure and become the Fifth Hokage.


At first, she declined the offer, which angered Naruto and he challenged her to fight. At that time, Naruto was nowhere near Kage level and Tsunade easily defeated him while using only her forefinger.

2. Orochimaru

He is also one of Konohagakure's legendary Sannin and at one time, fought his fellows, Jiraiya and Tsunade, with the help of Kabuto. He is one of the best scientists in the "Naruto" universe and has achieved immortality by changing host bodies from time to time. Team 7 encountered Orochimaru during the Chunin Exams, but the legendary Sanin was too much for them to handle at that time. Even though Naruto went all-out against Orochimaru, he was knocked out by him nonetheless.

3. Madara Uchiha

The legendary leader of Uchiha clan and the main antagonist of "Naruto" series.


Although he founded Konohagakure alongside Hashirama Senju, the constant conflict and rivalry between them had honed their skills, but still, Madara wasn't able to defeat Hashirama and Hashirama could never bring himself to kill someone he still considered a friendly rival.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara fight's Naruto's Shadow Clone, the Hokage Guard Platoon, and the Fourth Division battalion. Even outnumbered, Madara manage's to overpower all of them with his Sussano. Naruto's Shadow Clone ran out of chakra and vanished during the battle. Because Madara was practically undefeatable due to his immortal reincarnation body even the 5-Kage couldn't fight him.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto's friendly rival, Sasuke Uchiha, was a happy child until his elder brother (Itachi Uchiha) killed the entire Uchiha clan.


He became cold towards everyone else and his life's aim was to become strong and avenge his clan. With his extraordinary skills and desire for revenge, he was able to awake Sharingan when he was young. Naruto faced off Sasuke at the Valley of Death and, even though he used Rasengan and One Tail Kurama Chakra Cloak, Sasuke emerged as the victor.