Women Astronauts work shoulder to shoulder with the men on various aspects of space research but, the work environment appears to be dominated by men. A senior engineer of NASA has made this very relevant observation. She says that till now, a dozen men have walked on the Moon, but not a single woman has got the chance.

Daily Mail UK reports that Allison McIntyre expressed her opinion while interacting with a TV channel. She said that NASA has female astronauts who have worked on the International Space Station, but none of them have got a chance to land on the Moon. She feels that the credit for being the first human on Mars should go to a woman.

Women can play a major role

The man has the urge to learn more about space before venturing into uncharted territories.


This is an inherent characteristic of man, and he is usually preferred when the jobs involved are dangerous and risky. That could be a possible reason for NASA to have sent male astronauts to land on the Moon instead of a female.

The observations are of Allison McIntyre who is the astronaut training chief of NASA. She regrets the fact that in spite of having women in responsible positions, women have been ignored while selecting a human to land on the Moon. Therefore, when it comes to the first human on Mars, the choice should go to a woman.

Other women in NASA agree with the sentiments expressed by Allison and feel women will reach Mars. One of them is Dr. Karen Nyberg who had stayed in ISS for six months. Obviously, the women have proved themselves and the day is not far off when the world will see one of them as the first human on Mars.


The HI-SEAS Mars mission

Incidentally, NASA is alive to the problem. It is funding a mission labeled HI-SEAS to prepare a bank of would-be astronauts who could travel to Mars. The teams consist of groups of people drawn from different disciplines. They have to spend a specified period of time in a capsule in a remote location to replicate the environment of Mars.

According to The Verge, the latest batch of six people have emerged from the dome located on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. It was the fifth HI-SEAS mission, and they had been in isolation for eight months. The teams consist of both men and women.

Women should not lose hope. Mars One has lined up volunteers to go on a one way trip to the red planet and women are there in the list.


Colonization of Mars is on the agenda of others like SpaceX and women astronauts should not despair – they will have their moment of glory.