Animals of any kind Teach us a lot. They teach us to love, compassion and most all of all they teach us to be loyal. Let it be a dog, a cat or a horse each animal has its own specialty. With this, we bet these are the cutest animal Pictures that you might have seen on the internet so far. These pictures teach us everything we need to know about love and affection.

Parental love at its best

The picture of horse loving its pony is the best so far. It gives us the feeling of warmth, love, and most importantly it makes us realize that animals too have their way of expressing emotions. Humans can express it by talking, while animals just show their affection.


Feelings can be expressed to anyone

Love and feelings can be expressed to anyone. One doesn't always need a human interaction, at times humans do prefer animals over anything because the one thing that animals teach us is to be loved and you need to be selfless.

Happiness needs moment, not place

The picture of these dogs proves that one can sleep and live wherever they want as long as they have peace of mind and serenity. You don't need a bed to get a sound sleep, you need cool mind and nothing else.

Dogs over Humans almost every time

Want someone who'll be loyal, selfless and deeply in love with you, then how about getting a cute dog. They won't leave your side ever. Hence, celebrate your dog every single day, in a way we see in the picture below.


Caged or Freedom which one's better

Right to Freedom should be an option not only for Humans but also for animals. Animals guard our surrounding and hence they deserve freedom. Cage culprits, not animals.

Two priced possessions in one frame

Sleep like there's no one watching. This adorable picture explains to us a trustworthy relationship between a human and an animal. A relationship which is all about beauty and selflessness.

Opposites always attract

Opposites always attract, they understand the flaw in each other and full them by being the best at what they do.


All we know is the language of love

You don't need to talk to express what you feel, sometimes actions speak louder than words, just the way we can see it in this picture.

Animate or Inanimate, affection remains the same

We tend to overlook the fact that our memories are made with inanimate objects like teddies, games, and toys to name a few. This picture clearly defines the bond between an object and an animate.

Strongest bond is the bond of friendship

This picture signifies the true story of our life, where one completes the other.