Although the anime has its roots in Japan, it has been growing across the world and every day new stories are releasing to satisfy people desires. Currently, many different animes exist and they are catching the attention of all kinds of public (men, women, children, teenagers,). The ‘gore’ is a genre of anime in which the main characteristic is the brutality of their scenes. These are specifically designed for people that are looking for blood, action, and a good story.

The gore anime is excellent, but not everybody is able to enjoy it. This fact is due to the cruelty behind every scene that can make your skin crawl and it's scary. If you are the kind of person who scares easily and prefers action but in moderate doses, probably this genre is not for you, but do not worry as the anime world has plenty of options for you.


Coming up next you will see in this article some of the best gore stories and the features that make them some of the most popular among diehard anime fans.

'Tokyo Ghoul'

Without a doubt, this dark anime written by Sui Ichida is one of the greatest and successful that has ever been created. "Tokyo Ghoul" was released in 2011 and since that moment it has managed to catch the attention of thousands of viewers who find in this story interesting elements that other animes do not have. Through a college student named Ken Kaneki, this anime describes a world where a group of creatures called ‘ghouls’ threaten the survival of the human race.

'Mirai Nikki'

Blood, violence, adrenaline, and death are not even the half of all the elements present is this marvelous story.


With just 24 episodes, Mirai Nikki shows a space-time game created by a god to find his replacement. In that game, 12 participants should kill each other until just one survives to become the new god of time.


It tells the story of two college students who die in a terrible subway accident. For unknown reasons, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato find themselves involved in a sick game where they have to kill some aliens if they want to survive and have a second chance to live. This anime, created by Hiroya Oku, is full of action scenes which, along with excellent graphics, can offer the audience a great time.

'Elfen Lied'

An anime does not need a lot of episodes to be a masterpiece or at least that is what Elfen Lied has shown to its fans.


With only 13 episodes and a perfect script, this story has conquered the top of the gore anime. The touching stories of the characters in combination with incredible fights are the key to understand the success of this anime.

'Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni'

It describes the story of a murder in a town named Hinamizawa. The suspense and mystery in this anime are the catching factors that make the audience want to watch one more episode to understand what is going on. Of course, the blood and brutality are also present in this interesting anime.