Anime makes up a humongous portion of television. It is a massive industry and features countless shows. There are a lot of incredible series, but some can seem overwhelming for beginners or people who just want to see what the style is like. That being said, here are three anime that are perfect for watchers that are just now getting into it or just do not have the time to devote to series like "One Piece" (seriously, there are over 800 episodes). These are not ranked or considered the all-time best anime of all time, but they may be the best for introducing fans to anime.

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3) 'Pokémon'

Everyone who was not Amish or under a rock until they read this article has heard of "Pokémon." Honestly, a lot of you probably even watched it a long time ago as a kid, and everyone with a smartphone played "Pokémon GO, [VIDEO]" even if just for a day.

The "Pocket Monsters" debuted in 1996 as two video games, but it quickly developed into the beloved show that made Ash Ketchum a household name and Pikachu a constant float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The show is broken into different seasons, each with their own storylines and obstacles for Ash, Pikachu, and whichever friends they happen to have along to overcome. "Pokémon" is easy to watch because of its availability in English, which can be a big factor in pushing away people who do not want to give it a try. Some of the latest episodes are even on Netflix, and it is not too difficult to find old episodes. Luckily, Ash always starts fresh with new "Pokémon" every season, except for Pikachu of course.

2) 'Dragon Ball Z'

Yes, original "Dragon Ball" kickstarted everything and introduces each of the "Z Fighters," but just try to find "Dragon Ball" for free or cheap - it is almost impossible.

"Dragon Ball Z" on the other hand, is much more available, and it sets the scene for "Dragon Ball Super," [VIDEO] which is still available for free on other websites since it recently ended. DBZ is easily the most enticing series of the franchise because it introduces key villains and characters, and it takes the anime to a new level. Goku and his son, Gohan, along with familiar faces from the original anime, battle the biggest threats Earth and the rest of the galaxy have yet to face, and grown Goku is incredibly more interesting to watch than his younger self. It is English dubbed and gripping, with a goofy protagonist that continues to push himself to his limits. Also, "Dragon Ball Z" is a cultural icon. Imagine all the memes you could suddenly understand if you watched it.

1) 'Attack on Titan'

The previous two anime are fairly old in comparison to this one. "Attack On Titan," like "Dragon Ball" is based on a manga, a Japanese comic. The anime premiered in 2013, and it has seen unprecedented success.

The first season is available on Netflix, and it features an easy-to-tackle 21 episodes. The show is visually stunning and focuses on a young group of military cadets as they try to save humanity from extinction. The world within the anime is beset by "Titans" large humanoid monstrosities that eat humans. Eren Yeager and his friends must fight them with their swords and cables that zip them along at high speeds. The anime is fast-paced and immersive, and it is easy to lose track of how many episodes you may have just binged.