Your fluffy little kitty Cat is your life. They are your baby, and you think they pretty much ignore you. At some point, you might even think they are trying to kill you. But they might actually be doing more good for you than you think.

Mental health is an ongoing issue for many people all year-round, but it is especially difficult at this time of year. The holidays are over, the bills are in. It is not only cold out, it is one of the coldest Januarys on record.

The daylight is reduced, the nights are longer. There isn’t a lot to do because of the cold. Many people are understandably suffering from the Winter Blues. And yes, your cat really can help you out!

Pet owners need fewer doctor visits

It has been confirmed that pet owners are much less likely to need regular medical attention.


Many mental health and stress-related issues are greatly reduced by the presence of a cat.

A study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information has even confirmed the positive effects of pet ownership when they reviewed 69 independent studies on human-animal interactions. It is widely documented by medical professionals and organizations, that pet therapy is extremely beneficial.

The physical effects of interactions with a pet include a reduction in stress levels, lower heart rates, and blood pressure. But those aren’t the only effects your precious cat can produce.


Excellent mood enhancers

Cats are also well known to be excellent mood enhancers. Depression relief and just general mood enhancements have been proven to be achieved simply by the company of a cat. Let’s face it, holding a warm fuzzy cat, petting that soft fur, and hearing that purr is uplifting. It is the definition of the positive warm fuzzy feeling we all want.

The frequency of a purr is equal to that used in meditation. The sound of that purr can calm, soothe and quiet your negative thoughts all on its own. With those meditative qualities, the sound of a purr has even been shown to help with anxiety and also reduces blood pressure.

These studies have also proven that for people who have reduced interactions with people, perhaps because they work from home or live in isolation, find cats to help make them reduce the feelings of isolation.


Many have also reported that psychological and mental stressors are easier to handle because of their pet.

When the nights are starting to get to you, and the darkness seems to be never-ending, don’t feel down. You just need to pet your cat to feel better.