If your blood lacks the RH factor, you probably have some curious traits, but you are not alone. Study after study has come to the same conclusion and that is that people who lack the Rhesus protein in their hemoglobin are a rare breed indeed. There are spiritual and or psychic capabilities that have been linked to individuals who fall in this group. Sleep paralysis, night terrors, the ability to heal, cause electrical appliances to short out, and being empathic or in tune to the feelings of others are just a few of the oddities that these 'Blue Bloods' find they have in common.

Without the Rhesus protein, the blood is indeed blue

The Rhesus protein is said to link humans to the Rhesus monkey. For whatever reason, a small segment of the population, about 15% do not have the RH factor. Scientific studies also indicate that without it the blood actually does have a blue color to it. This is considered to be a recessive trait which explains why one sibling may have it and the others do not.

There are many theories regarding "blue bloods' including that they derived from aliens, extraterrestrials or fallen angels. Facebook has groups for Sleep paralysis and Night terrors where Rh Negative blood seems to be a connecting factor for many. Men and women who are missing the Rhesus factor in their blood indicate that they are loners, feel as if they do not belong, have a heightened awareness, and strong discernment or psychic abilities.

There are also Youtube videos of people sharing stories regarding this curiosity of life.

Common denominators cannot be ignored by those who are RH Negative

In the groups on Sleep Paralysis and Night Terrors, there are people without a connection to the Rhesus monkey who say they can astral project and have out of body experiences. Others indicate they can perceive the presence of demonic spirits and some say they can see them.

Many people who are RH Negative find they are super sensitive to the plight of others and have strong emotions of empathy.

Another common denominator for blue blood is being able to sense situations before they happen or having a heightened awareness of surroundings. There is a feeling of a connection to space travel, science, and the spiritual realm.

Medical science cannot yet fully explain all these curious connections, but they are too many to ignore. If you are someone you know is missing the RH factor and can relate to any of the abilities that have been shared, at least you will know you are not alone in your plight, and it's not just monkey business so to speak.

Those who are born without the Rhesus protein in their hemoglobin have a number of curious traits in common. People who lack the RH factor are true 'blue bloods' indeed. They are reported to have increased spiritual awareness and psychic abilities and are truth seekers who feel they don't belong.Individuals who fall into this category may also deal with sleep paralysis, night terrors, exhibit ESP and may claim to have alien encounters.

Other shared oddities are a high IQ, the ability to heal, and also to disrupt electrical appliances as well as a love of science and space.

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