Ever since the utterly gutsy ninja, Naruto hit the TV screens on 2002; we were all engulfed in his exciting and thrilling journey to become the Hokage. Naruto’s story may be over, but his legacy still lives on where his son, Boruto is taking the limelight in the spin-off series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” So far, the franchise has given us a whole picture of who Boruto is through the earlier episodes and the movie that was released last 2015. However, there are some details that many people don't know about our young hero. So here are some unknown facts about Uzumaki Boruto.

Boruto is a prodigy

Unlike his father who started as Academy’s worst student, Boruto was seen as a genius in both academics and practical ninjutsu.


In his young age, Boruto can perform Shadow Clone and not only one but four clones at the same time. We can already say that he is far advanced than Naruto when he is in Boruto’s age. Naruto can’t even make a single decent shadow clone back in the day, and he only learned the technique by peeking at the Scroll of Seals that he stole as a child. Furthermore, father and son had a sparring session before Boruto’s graduation in the Academy where Naruto got serious for a moment and forgot that he is sparring with a student.

Boruto is a ninjutsu and taijutsu expert

Being a member of the prestigious Hyuga Clan, Boruto was trained in the clan’s unique art of hand-to-hand technique called Gentle Fist.

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However, the amazing thing about Boruto is that he can use the technique even without the Byakugan. We all know that he has the Jogan which functions just like the Byakugan however, he is seen to use Gentle Fist even without his dojutsu.

As for his ninjutsu prowess, he already mastered three chakra nature releases which are a jonin-level feat. So far, he has Wind, Lightning and Water release that he can use at his disposal. Among the techniques that he can use are Wind Release: Gale Plam technique, Kakashi’s Lightning Release: Purple lightening and Water release: Splash bullet.

Boruto will grow much like Sasuke

At the start of the series, we had a sneak peek of Boruto in the future where he is fighting a mysterious enemy named Kawaki.


As we all know, Sasuke took Boruto as an apprentice in “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” and it is very likely that Sasuke trained Boruto in handling weapons such as kunais, shurikens, and swords. The adult Boruto even carries a similar sword that Sasuke carries in battles.

Additionally, adult Boruto is portrayed as a smart, calm and calculating kind of ninja which mirrors his mentor’s characteristics. Unlike his father who made moves based on his impulses and instincts, Boruto takes much after Sasuke where they properly think and make the best decision even in worst situations.